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Cemetery Department


The death of a loved one or family member is one of the most traumatic experiences one can face. The Cemetery Department staff is here to assist the family and loved ones of the deceased and make the experience as painless as possible.

Arrangements for opening and closing a gravesite can be made through the respective funeral home. However, if a family wishes to make the arrangements themselves, they can come to the Cemetery Office located at 203 Maple Hill Drive (just inside the main gate off California Street).

Family members or loved ones should have the following information before arriving:

Name of Cemetery in Which Deceased Will be Interred
Funeral Home
Full Name of the Deceased
Age of Deceased
Date of Death
Date, Time, and Location of Funeral or Memorial Service
Location of Property*
Owner of Property*

*If this information is not known, it can generally be ascertained through our records.

After all the necessary information is recorded and the interment form is signed, an interment fee must be paid prior to the grave being opened. Maple Hill Cemetery requires 24-hours advance notice on grave openings.


When property changes hands from one owner to another, the Cemetery Department must perform the necessary paperwork to insure ownership records are kept accurate and current.

If cemetery property is being bought, sold, or simply transferred from one owner to another, a $50 transfer fee is charged for the first space and $25 for each additional space to cover the administrative cost of researching, producing, and maintaining these records. A sounding fee of $10 for the first space and $5 for each additional space is charged in connection with a property transfer.

The process of transferring property in any City-owned cemetery generally takes several days/weeks as there are several steps in the process. First, the transfer fee must be paid before beginning the process. Second, the ownership of the property is researched for authenticity. Third, a plat of the respective space(s) is generated to insure there are no burials on the property being transferred.

If the property is determined to be eligible for transfer, the required documents are generated by the Cemetery Department, signatures are obtained, and file copies are distributed accordingly.


Effective Immediately the rates for services for cemeteries owned and operated by the City of Huntsville will increase as follows:

Interment of a casket (weekdays prior to 3pm) $750.00
Interment of a casket (after 3:00 p.m. weekdays) $850.00
Interment of a casket (Saturdays) $850.00*
Interment of a casket (Sundays) $1,000.00
Interment of cremains (weekdays prior to 3pm) $450.00 *
Interment of cremains (Saturdays and weekdays after 3pm) $550.00
Interment of cremains (Sundays) $650.00
Disinterment of a casket (non-lawn crypt) (allowable on weekdays only) * $1,800.00
Disinterment of a bottom lawn crypt * $3,600.00
Disinterment of a top lawn crypt * $1,800.00
Disinterment of cremains * $500.00
Excavation to determine vacancy of a burial space $200.00
Installation of a corner marker (per marker) $5.00
Marker foundation fee (per square inch) (minimum charge $100.00) $.50

Sounding fee $10.00 for first space, $5.00 for each additional space (no charge if in connection with burial)

Property transfer fee $50.00 for the first space and $25.00 per each additional space

Mail fees $20.00 overnight & $6.00 for certified

*All disinterment's are subject to the approval of the cemetery director.


If a burial space requires maintenance (e.g., filling, seeding, fertilizing), contact the Cemetery Department office at 427-5730 Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please provide the deceased name and/or the property location, the nature of the problem, and your name, address, and telephone number.


Visiting hours are between 7:00 a.m. and sunset every day of the year.
Visitors are prohibited from bringing into the cemetery:
    o Dogs
    o Food/Beverages of any kind
    o Firearms
Visitors may bring cut or silk flowers or arrangements
Visitors shall not remove flower arrangements from any gravesite except that of an immediate family member.
Visitors shall not scratch, mar, deface, injure, or disturb any monument, memorial vase, building, fence, tree, or shrub within the limits of the grounds.
Dead or unsightly flower arrangements will be removed by our cemetery staff after an appropriate period of time. If a family member wishes to discard old or dead flowers, they can place them at the edge of the roadway for collection by the Cemetery maintenance personnel.
No trees or shrubs shall be permitted to be planted or removed except by the express permission of the Cemetery Director.
Bulbs/flowers may be planted at or around the headstone; however, the remained of the area must be clear for mowing. Advise and permission to plant shall be given by the Director.
The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any tree, plant, or shrub at any time without notice.
The Cemetery reserves the right to disturb or remove the sod on any lot or change the grade of any lot and restore such lot to its former condition without notice.
Lot owners shall be allowed to take cuttings from their own plants but not from plants anywhere else in the cemetery except with express permission of the Director.
The sale or transfer of any full or partial lot shall not be valid or recognized until the proper documentation has been presented to the Cemetery Department and the transaction approved by the Director.
Cement products of all kinds are prohibited above the ground on any lot.
No coping, fencing, hedging borders, or enclosures of any kind are permitted around any lot.
No rocks, stone, gravel, wood or like material will be allowed on any lot.
Any trinkets which, in the opinion of the Director, are unsightly will be removed without notice.
All benches will be placed only with the permission of the Cemetery Director.
All opening and closing fees are payable in advance and are subject to change without notice.
When a grave collapses or sinks from any cause, the Cemetery Department will refill it to ground level. No mounding above or around graves is permitted.
Interments must be made in the presence of an authorized representative of the Cemetery Department.
Interment of any body or the cremated remains of any body, other than that of a human being shall not be permitted in any cemetery.
The practice of scattering cremated remains at any place in the Cemetery is specifically prohibited.
A 24-hour notice is required on all grave openings.
All foundations at City cemeteries shall be constructed by the Cemetery Department upon written order from the monument dealer or the lot owner. Charges for foundations are payable in advance.
Family mausoleums shall not be erected unless and until the design and specifications have been approved by the Director. Only one mausoleum shall be erected on any individual lot.
The locations of markers, monuments, mausoleums, or other memorials shall be determined by the Cemetery Department.
All persons erecting monuments, mausoleums, or memorials are required to hold a current city business license for that activity before proceeding with the erection of the monument or marker.
Damage done to lots, walks, drives, trees, shrubs, or other property by dealers or contractors will be repaired by the Cemetery Department and cost of same charged to the contractor.
Rules and regulations are subject not only to the original lot owner but also all those who succeed, either by assignment, sale, or inheritance.


Because all our City Cemeteries are special, many people express an interest in volunteering or making a donation toward preservation and restoration. If you are one of those who would like to help, may we suggest the following:

Volunteering to weed or plant flower beds
Volunteering to litterbug or beautify an area
Volunteering to do data entry
Making a cash contribution to the City of Huntsville/Maple Hill Cemetery
Spearheading a group clean-up or beautification project
Donating trees, shrubs, or bedding plants
Donating any other resources at your disposal that would aid in our mission

Please contact our main office at (256)427-5730 if you have a desire to help in any way.

DO NOT.......

Sit, stand, or lean against tombstones
Walk across fresh gravesites
Eat or drink while on Cemetery grounds
Remove any fresh or artificial flowers from a gravesite other than those that belong to your family or loved one
Smoke at or near a funeral in progress
Throw paper, cans, gum or other litter in a cemetery
Enter the cemetery after dark or before dawn
Walk dogs or take other animals into the cemetery
Remove, damage, or destroy any tree, shrub or plant in a cemetery
Climb trees or fences
Play loud music or make loud noises in a cemetery
Block entrances
Park in grass
Dig in a cemetery or desecrate a gravesite


Remove hats to show respect when attending a funeral or when visiting a particular burial site of a family member or friend.
Drive slowly and always stop for a funeral procession or equipment movement.


The City's cemeteries function not only as historic landmarks but also educational tools in educating Huntsville's children. Third graders throughout Huntsville learn valuable lessons in history, geography, and manners through Maple Hill and Glenwood Cemeteries.

This on-going program, sponsored by Earthscope, teaches children about Huntsville history by introducing them to residents of Huntsville long ago. As the children visit the gravesites of these noteworthy citizens, they listen to audio tapes that tell about their life and the contributions they made to the area.

In addition to a history lesson, the children learn how to use a compass, the significance of the symbols on the tombstones, and basic cemetery etiquette. The children complete their field trip with a tombstone rubbing that they take with them.

Huntsville's municipal cemeteries are more than marble and granite museums, they are local treasures that young and old alike can learn from and share with each other for many years to come.

In addition, the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association sponsors an annual Cemetery Stroll in October, which features over 80 costumed characters who give historical accounts of people and events that are connected to Maple Hill Cemetery. This is a free event that can be enjoyed by the entire family and attracts over 3,000 attendees annually.


203 Maple Hill Drive
Huntsville, AL 35801
Directions to Maple Hill Cemetery:

From I-565 east, take Oakwood Avenue exit. Turn right on Oakwood Avenue. Turn right on Andrew Jackson Way. Travel approximately one mile to Wells Avenue and turn left. Take first right on Maple Hill Drive. Maple Hill Cemetery is the first entrance on the left.

From I-565 west, take Oakwood Avenue exit. Go through Oakwood Avenue intersection on Andrew Jackson Way. Travel approximately one mile to Wells Avenue and turn left. Take first right on Maple Hill Drive. Maple Hill Cemetery is the first entrance on the left.

From Downtown Huntsville, take Williams Avenue east to McClung Street. Take a right on McClung to California Street. Turn left on California Street and go straight (instead of taking sharp left curve) which carries one directly to the main entrance of Maple Hill Cemetery.

There is some confusion as to the exact year Maple Hill Cemetery was established. Most agree that it was around 1822, when LeRoy Pope sold two acres to the City to establish a municipal cemetery. However, there is no dispute that Maple Hill is one of the oldest cemeteries in Alabama and was registered by the Alabama Historical Association in 1962. Maple Hill has expanded to its present size of almost 100 acres and over 80,000 burials.

Many of Huntsville's most prominent citizens are buried at Maple Hill. Among them are five (5) of Alabama's governors, LeRoy Pope, Mollie Teal, Dr. Thomas Fearn, and Albert Russel Erskine. Veterans from the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Operation Desert Storm are also buried at Maple Hill.

A noteworthy landmark--the Huntsville Meridian--also makes its home in Maple Hill Cemetery. This is the stationing point from which all land in north Alabama was surveyed. A marker identifying this site is located in Block Four of the Cemetery.

There are several publications documenting the oldest markers in Maple Hill Cemetery. The first one, Maple Hill Cemetery: Phase One by Robey, Johnson, Jones, and Roberts, was published in 1995. It catalogues the markers in the oldest 14 sections of the Cemetery. This book and others are available at local bookstores and historic sites.

Glenwood Cemetery
2300 Hall Avenue NW, 35805
Corner of Hall Avenue and
Derrick Street

Northside Cemetery
1715 Jordan Lane NW, 35816
Off Jordan Lane north
of University Drive

Brandontown Cemetery
1700 Jordan Lane NW, 35816
Off Jordan Lane north
of University Drive (Across from
Northside Cemetery)

Nichols-Martin Cemetery
3303 Rees Avenue NW, 35816
Off Jordan Lane Behind
Colonial Bakery

#4 Hall Cemetery
3100 Stringfield Road NW, 35810
Adjacent to Taylor's Chapel Church
on Stringfield Road

Merrimack Cemetery
3000 Clopton Street SW, 35805
Corner of Clopton Avenue
and Dunn Street

Dallas Cemetery
2117 Lee High Drive NE, 35811
Behind 2203 Lee High Drive

Sivley Cemetery
2317 Airport Rd SW, 35802
Airport Road

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