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Animal License

Who has to have licenses?
All dogs & cats over the age of 4 months must be registered & licensed each year.

Where do I get the License for my pet?
Obtain your licenses at the Huntsville Animal Services Shelter at 4950 Triana Blvd. (See directions)

What do I need to get my license?
You will need to show proof of current rabies vaccination (a copy of the certificate the vet gave you will be adequate). If your pet has been altered, proof of that is required to get the reduced fee (either notated on the rabies certificate by the vet, a spay/neuter verification form, or a note from your vet).

How much does it cost?
Because Huntsville Animal Services is forced to deal with the overpopulation problem of dogs and cats, the City passed an ordinance granting a financial ease for altered pets.

Intact Animal Annual - $50
Altered "Fixed" Animal Annual - $10
Altered "Fixed" Animal Lifetime - $35

The lifetime licenses are a one-time fee! They are only available for spayed or neutered pets.

We encourage everyone to spay/neuter their pets.

Do other animals have to be licensed or registered?
Yes, exotic pets (as defined in the ordinance) do not require a city license, but must be registered with the City. This is an effort to know what exotics reside in our city and where they can be found. This will benefit public safety should an emergency arise. There is no fee for registering the exotic pets.


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