Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems captures, updates and maintains computerized mapping/databases of geographic information tailored to Urban Development criteria. Databases currently available to the public include the following:

  • A Geodetic Reference Network of Global Positioning System (GPS) monuments
  • Latitude / Longitude and State Plane Coordinates
  • Topographic Mapping at 5, 25, and other various contour intervals.
  • Base Mapping (over 40 layers of data)
  • Zoning (Available at 1″:400′ scale or a non-official city wide composite)
  • City limits
  • Floodway / Flood Fringe
  • Soils
  • Wetlands and hydrology including springs
  • City Council, school, census, recreation and other political districts
  • Parks, preserves, greenways, trails, refuge and Land Trust properties
  • Cemeteries
  • Sidewalks


Download data on city limits, floodways, zoning, ortho imagery, basemaps, DEM, TIN, and metadata


Basemaps, aerials, geography & hydrology


Search our open database for information on city boundaries, school zones, census figures, floodway and floodfringe, hydrography, public safety, transportation, open space and parks, points of interest and more


Maps produced using the GIS database are priced dependent upon the type of information requested and the size of map needed. Available GIS Maps and Prices available to the public are listed below.

Contour Map (Section Map) $10 per sheet
Zoning Map $15 per sheet
Blueline Quad Map $5 per sheet
Complete Set Quad Maps (26) $90 per set
Wetlands Map $20 per sheet
Slope Analysis Maps (4) $15 per sheet
Halftone Aerials $10 per sheet
Aerial Photo (Xerox Copy) $1.00 each
Airport N & O Zone $10 per sheet
Linear Park Plan $10 per sheet
Downtown Master Plan Area Plan $10 per sheet
1989 Zoning Ordinance $25.00
Subdivision Regulations $15.00
Downtown Master Plan $10.00
Rezoning Request See application for fees.

Subdivision Review:
Minor Subdivision 50.00+ $1.00 per lot
Major Subdivision $100 + $5.00 per lot
Xerox Copies .25 per page
Apartments $100 + $5.00 per lot
Data CD $5 each