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City of Huntsville, AL
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Inspection Requests
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Portable Storage Structure (PSS)
Portable Storage Structure (PSS) - Online Permits

Huntsville Police Records
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Municipal Court
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Search City Laws
City Laws Online

Alabama's Paperless Filing System
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Application for Permit(s) to Construct
or Operate Air Contaminant Source(s)

Facility Identification
Facility ID Form(s) 100-3 and 100-4
Manufacturing or Processing Operation
Indirect Heating Equipment
Volatile Organic Compound Surface Coating Emission Sources
VOC Surface Coating Forms 103-2 and 103-3
Solvent Metal Cleaning
Loading, Storage & Dispensing Liquid & Gaseous Organic Compounds
Refuse Handling, Disposal, and Incineration
Air Pollution Control Device
Compliance Schedule
Continuous Emission Monitors
Gasoline Dispensing Facilities

Bidder Application
Bidder Application

Employment Application

Garbage & Trash
Residential Service Suspension Request Form
Off-Street Residential Collection Request Form
Request Additional Trash Can/Cart

Inspection Requests
Inspection Details
Inspection Requests

Library Services
Huntsville / Madison County Public Library
Alabama Public Library Service
Virtual Library

Postal Services
Post Office Locator

Permit Applications
Asbestos Notification(s) — Building Permit Approval
Asbestos Notification(s) — Demolition & Renovation
Blasting Permit
Blasting Certification
Open Burn Permit

Privilege (Business) Licenses
Privilege License Forms

Rideshare Information Request

Tax Return Forms
Sales/Use/Rental/Lodging/Liquor Tax Return Form
Gasoline Tax Return Form
Wholesale Wine Tax Return Form
Tobacco Tax Return Form

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