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Previous Election Results from 1992-Current

2014 General Election
2012 General Election
2010 General Election
2010 Run-Off Election
2008 Run-Off Election
2008 General Election
2006 General Election
2004 Run-Off Election
2004 General Election
2002 Run-Off Election
2002 General Election
2000 Run-Off Election
2000 General Election
1998 Run-Off Election
1998 General Election
1996 Run-Off Election
1996 General Election
1994 Run-Off Election
1994 General Election
1992 Run-Off Election
1992 General Election

Municipal Election Results 2014
Municipal Elections for the City of Huntsville were held August 26, 2014. Official results have been verified by City Council and are available here, see election results => .

How to Vote

Verify your voter registration
It's best to verify your voter registration before heading to the polls. If there's a problem with your registration, register again before proceeding.

Register to vote
You can download and fill out Alabama's voter registration form. Mail the completed form to:
819 Cook Ave., Suite 150
Huntsville, AL 35801 .

How to vote by absentee ballot

Make sure you're eligible to vote by absentee ballot
You may vote by absentee ballot if:
  • you will be absent from the county on election day
  • you are ill or have a physical disability that prevents a trip to the polling place
  • you are a registered Alabama voter who is temporarily living outside the county (such as a member of the armed forces, a voter employed outside of the United States, a college student, or a spouse or child of such a person)
  • you are an appointed election officer or poll watcher at a polling place other than your regular polling place
  • you work a required shift - 10 hours or more - that coincides with polling hours
Apply for your absentee ballot
Download and complete the Municipal Elections Absentee Ballot Application form

Complete, and mail or return your absentee ballot
Once the voter completes the ballot, please follow instructions mailed with the ballot. Ballot must be post marked the day before the election day.
1) Mail your completed ballot to:
Ken Benion, Clerk-Treasurer
PO Box 308
Huntsville, Alabama 35804


2) Hand-deliver your completed form to:
Ken Benion, Clerk-Treasurer
308 Fountain Circle, 3rd Floor
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
(Free parking available in front of Municipal Building)

Absentee ballots for elections more than 30 days apart must be requested on separate applications. This restriction does not apply if you are a member of the armed forces or you are a United States citizen residing overseas, or you are a spouse or dependent of such person.

The absentee election manager may not accept multiple applications which are mailed in one envelope.

Absentee Voting Dates to Remember
August 8

August 18

August 19

August 22

August 22

August 22

August 23

Last day to register to vote for municipal general election.

Last day for a voter to apply for a regular absentee ballot.

First day to apply for an emergency absentee ballot for general municipal election.

Last day to apply for an emergency absentee for General Municipal Election.

If an absentee ballot is returned by mail, it must be postmarked by August 22 and received by noon the day of the election.

Deadline for hand-delivery of absentee ballot (by the voter) is the close of business (5:00pm) on August 22.

Election Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide ID when I vote by absentee ballot?
All absentee voters must include a copy of voter identification(Photo ID) in the envelope the Absentee Ballot Envelope is placed in to be mailed back to the Clerk-Treasurer /Absentee Election Manager. (DO NOT PLACE THE PHOTO ID IN WITH THE BALLOT)

Acceptable forms of voter Photo ID include:
. Valid driver's license
. Valid non-driver's ID
. Valid Alabama photo voter ID card
. Valid State issued ID (Alabama of other state)
. Valid Federal Issued ID
. Valid US Passport
. Valid employee ID from Federal Government, State of Alabama
. County, municipality, board or other entity of this state
. Valid student or employee ID from a public or private college or University in the State of Alabama (including postgraduate)Technical or Professional
. Valid military ID
. Valid tribal ID

I've missed the absentee ballot application deadline. Is there anything I can do?
In most cases, no. There are two conditions, however, under which you can apply for an Emergency Absentee Ballot: if you are required by an employer under unforeseen circumstances to be out of the county on election day for an emergency business trip, or have a medical emergency requiring treatment from a licensed physician.

If you face either of these situations, use the Alabama Application for an Emergency Absentee Ballot. The business emergency application contains an affidavit acknowledging that the voter was not aware of the out-of-county business trip prior to the normal absentee ballot deadline. The medical emergency application requires that the attending physician describe and certify the circumstances as constituting an emergency.

Emergency Absentee Ballot Applications can be submitted after the absentee ballot application deadline but no later than 5 PM on the day before the election.

Additional Information

State Election Website: www.sos.state.al.us/Elections/
Local Election Officials: www.huntsvilleal.gov/elections
Madison County Elections: www.madisoncountyvotes.com
Limestone County Elections: www.limestonecounty-al.gov

When are the next elections?

The next City of Huntsville General Election is August 23, 2016 to elect Mayor and District 1 and 5 City Council Members and School Board Members. Qualifying starts July 5, 2016 at 8:00am and ends July 19, 2016 at 5:00pm.


July 5

July 5

July 19

August 8

August 18

August 22

August 23

September 29

September 29

October 3

October 4

November 7
Notice of Election to be Published.

Candidates May Begin to Qualify at 8:00AM City Clerk-Treasurer's Office, 3rd Floor of Municipal Building, 308 Fountain Circle.

Last Day to Qualify by 5:00PM.

Last Day to Register to Vote for General Municipal Election.

Deadline to Apply for Regular Absentee Ballot for General Municipal Election. (Hand delivered or post marked)

Last Day to Return Regular Absentee Ballots for General Municipal Election.

Election Day.*

Last Day to Register to Vote for Municipal Run-off Election.

Deadline for Applying for Regular Absentee Ballot for Municipal Run-off Election.

Last Day to Return Regular Absentee Ballots for Municipal Run-off Election. (Hand delivered or post marked)

Municipal Run-off Election.*

Mayor, Elected Council and School Board Members Assume Office.
* Polls Open - 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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Sample Ballots for 2016 Municipal Election

Check beck at a later date to view sample ballot - August 23 2016.
Check beck at a later date to view Run-Off sample ballot - October 4 2016.

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