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Flood Mitigation

Flood Mitigation includes all measures that can be taken to reduce the impact of flooding on lives and property.

Mitigation is an ongoing effort to lessen the impact that natural disasters such as flooding have on people and property. Through the application of mitigation technologies and measures, the City can assure that fewer citizens and personal properties will become the victim of future flooding. Flood mitigation measures are often divided into the following six (6) categories.

Real Time Stream Gage Data from the
Aldridge Creek Gage at Sherwood Drive

Flood Mitigation Links

Protect Yourself from Flooding(.pdf)


Original Flood Mitigation Plan(.pdf)
Original Flood Mitigation Plan - FAQ

2010/2011 Floodplain Management Plan(.pdf)

2012 FMP Annual Progress/Evaluation Report(.pdf)

2013 FMP Annual Progress/Evaluation Report(.pdf)

2014 FMP Annual Progress/Evaluation Report(.pdf)

Annual CRS Floodplain Mailing(.pdf)

1. Preventative
  1. Comprehensive planning

  2. Zoning

  3. Stormwater management

  4. Building codes

  5. Open space preservation

2. Property Relocation
  1. Relocation
  2. Retrofitting/Floodproofing
  3. Acquisition
  4. Insurance
3. Emergency Services
  1. Emergency response planning
  2. Dam condition monitoring
  3. Critical facilities protection
  4. Warning
  5. Evacuation
  6. Health and safety maintenance
4. Structural Projects
  1. Channel modifications
  2. Levees, floodwalls, seawalls
  3. Beach nourishment
  4. Drainage system maintenance
  5. Reservoirs
  6. Diversions
  7. Storm sewers
  8. Dune and beach maintenance
5. Natural Resource Protection
  1. Wetlands protection
  2. Set-back regulations/buffers
  3. Riparian area protection
  4. Best management practices
  5. Erosion and sediment control
  6. Coastal barrier protection
6. Public Information
  1. Outreach projects
  2. Library resources
  3. Real estate disclosure
  4. Flood maps and data
  5. Technical assistance
  6. Environmental education

Huntsville currently uses most of these approaches that do not apply to coastal cities, and is beginning to use more flood mitigation measures. Some of the highlights of these measures are given below:

1. Acquisition and removal/relocation of homes in the Aldridge Creek floodway

2. Aldridge Creek channel improvements

3. Development of Aldridge Creek watershed computer model

4. Currently developing watershed model for Huntsville Spring Branch, Pinhook Creek, Broglan Branch, Fagan Creek, and Dallas Branch

5. Watershed models will be developed for every watershed in Huntsville as resources are available

6. Huntsville is now developing an Open Space Plan

7. Some open space is currently being acquired and protected. Recently, the Aldridge Creek Greenway, Big Cove Creek Greenway, and Indian Creek Greenways were completed. This system is currently being expanded and it preserves flood prone areas near these creeks from development while providing recreational opportunities for residents.

8. The City of Huntsville currently provides free flood zone determinations for Huntsville residents. Any resident wanting this information can call (256) 427-5300 to learn if their property is in the floodplain. Additional information and floodmaps are available at the main library in the reference section on the 2nd floor.

Myths and Misconceptions About Flooding in Huntsville

Frequently Asked Questions about Flooding

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