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City of Huntsville, AL
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Huntsville's History of Mayors

From 1812 to 1828, a Board of Trustees governed Huntsville, headed by a popularly elected President:
The first President of Huntsville is unknown.
1816-1819: Nicholas Pope
1819-1821: John Brahan
1821: Benjamin Pope
1821-1822: John Read
1822-1823: John W. Tilfordy
1823-1824: John Boardman
1824: William B. Long (Resigned)
1824-1825: John Boardman
1825-1826: Thomas Humes
1826-1828: John H. Lewis

From 1828 to 1844, popularly elected aldermen selected the President of Huntsville:
1828-1829: William H. Campbell
1829: John H. Lewis (Resigned)
1829-1830: James G. Birney
1830-1831: John Martin
1831-1832: Samuel Cruse
1832-1833: George Fearn
1833-1834: Samuel Peete
1834-1835: Samuel Peete (Resigned in 1834 and was re-appointed)
1835-1836: Unknown
1836-1842: Elisha H. Rice
1842-1844: George P. Beirne

From 1844 to 1916, Presidents of Huntsville were again elected by the people, with a President/Council system from 1844 to 1911 and a City Commission form of government from 1911 to 1916:
1844-1849: Joseph Clark
1849-1850: George P. Beirne
1850-1851: Edwin R. Wallace
1851-1853: William Echols Jr.
1853-1854: Samuel Peete (Resigned)
1854: Joshua Beadle
1854-1855: William Figures
1855-1859: Zebulon P. Davis
1859-1860: John J. Ward (Resigned)
1860: John James Coleman
1860-1861: Zebulon P. Davis (Resigned)
1861-1865: Robert W. Coltart
1865-1866: Zebulon P. Davis
1866-1867: Robert W. Colart (Removed by Union Army)
1867-1868: E. B. Clapp (Put in office by Union Army, later resigned)
1868-1870: William B. Figures (Approved by Union Army to replace Clapp)
1870-1872: William F. Mastin (Died)
1872: James L. Cooper
1872-1874: John A. Erwin
1874-1878: Jere Murphy
1878-1882: Zebulon P. Davis
1882-1883: Thomas W. White
1883-1889: Edmond I. Mastin
1889-1893: Jere Murphy
1893-1897: W. T. Hutchens
1897-1899: Jere Murphy
1899-1903: Alfred Moore
1903-1907: Thomas W. Smith
1907-1908: R. Erle Smith
1908-1910: Thomas W. Smith
1910-1913: R. Erle Smith
1913-1914: R. L. O'Neal
1914-1915: Dr. J. D. Humphrey
1915-1916: Milton H. Lanier

In 1916, returned to the Mayor/Council form of government, with the office of the President finally being officially retitled to Mayor:
1916-1918: T. T. Terry
1918-1920: Henry B. Chase
1920-1922: W. T. Hutchens
1922-1926: Dr. Fraser L. Adams
1926-1952: Aleck W. McAllister
1952-1964: R. B. Searcy, Jr.
1964-1968: Glenn Hearn
1968-1988: Joe W. Davis
1988-1996: Steve Hettinger
1996-2008: Loretta Spencer, Huntsville's first female mayor
2008-present: Tommy Battle

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