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Sharon King, Office of the Mayor,
Administrative Aide to the Office of the Mayor

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Official proclamations from the office of Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle are issued to honor a person or an event that reflects positively upon our City. You may now use this web page to request a proclamation online.

Please take the time to view our guidelines and some of the sample proclamations so you can see the text that has been used by others. Once you have your text finalized with the exact wording, you may e-mail it directly to Sharon King in the Mayor's Office.

Guidelines Criteria

  • Should be requested by a Huntsville citizen and resident.

  • Should have a positive citywide impact.

  • Should not duplicate other requests.

  • Should not take sides in matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual conviction.

  • Should be patterned after the example proclamations displayed below.

  • The Mayor's issuance of a proclamation does not constitute an endorsement.

  • How to apply
    There are two ways to apply for a Proclamation: by mail or by email.

    Submit a draft with the exact wording of your proclamation to:

    Sharon King, Office of the Mayor
    PO Box 308
    Huntsville, Alabama 35804

    Or by email to: Sharon King. If you need help with the exact wording, please refer to the two sample proclamations shown below. The draft will be reviewed to ensure that it meets the recommended criteria. All proclamations are subject to editing.

    Please indicate how many copies of the proclamation you desire. No more than four official, signed copies of any proclamation will be issued.

    Process, deadlines, and mailing

    The proclamation will be retyped on official parchment-like paper, embossed with the Mayor's seal, and signed by the Mayor. It will then be mailed to the address requested. Please submit the draft at least 2 weeks prior to the date by which you would like your proclamation returned.

    For further information, please contact Sharon King in the Office of the Mayor, telephone (256) 427-5004, or by email to Sharon King.

    Example Text (March of Dimes/March for Babies)

    WHEREAS, on an average day in America, more than 400 children are born with a birth defect and an estimated 18 die from these defects; and

    WHEREAS, the March of Dimes has been dedicated to solving the health problems associated with birth defects and low birth weight for more than 60 years; and

    WHEREAS, through research, community services, education and advocacy, the March of Dimes has maintained an extraordinary record of preventing birth defects; and

    WHEREAS, the City of Huntsville encourages our residents to support the March of Dimes fight against prematurity, and take steps to save these tiny babies by joining the March of Dimes 2009 March for Babies; and

    WHEREAS, on April 18, 2009, the March of Dimes will be hosting "March for Babies" to fund research and development for healthier babies; and

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mayor Tommy Battle, on this important occasion, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor, and behalf of the City of Huntsville, do hereby declare April 18, 2009 as "The March of Dimes Foundation 'March for Babies' Day in Huntsville."

    DATED this 18th day of April, 2009.

    Example Text (Marilyn Horne/Individual)

    Mayor Tommy Battle hereby issues this Proclamation in honor of Marilyn Horne, a legendary mezzo-soprano, with a career of over four decades, singing in all the major opera houses and concert venues of the world.

    WHEREAS, Marilyn Horne has been called by Opera News "the greatest singer in the world.";

    WHEREAS, she established the Marilyn Horne Foundation in 1993, dedicated to the art of the vocal recital and presentation of young singers in recital throughout the United States, including Huntsville, Alabama;

    WHEREAS, she celebrated her 75th Birthday and the 15th Anniversary of the founding of the Marilyn Horne Foundation with a star-studded Gala concert at Carnegie Hall in January 2009;

    WHEREAS, Marilyn Horne and The Marilyn Horne Foundation have assisted more than 110 young, rising vocalists;

    WHEREAS, Marilyn Horne and The Marilyn Horne Foundation are celebrating their 10th anniversary collaboration with the Huntsville Chamber Music Guild, having presented young Foundation artists in recitals for the community, and in residencies at Huntsville schools and colleges;

    WHEREAS, Marilyn Horne conducted a master class on March 19 at UAHuntsville with six young North Alabama singers, carried live via Internet 1 and 2;

    WHEREAS, Marilyn Horne helped promote the art of classical singing to the public, appearing regularly on television and talk shows such as the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson;

    WHEREAS, Marilyn Horne and The Marilyn Horne Foundation in collaboration with the Huntsville Chamber Music Guild are presenting four Foundation artists in recital in Huntsville on March 20th, with Miss Horne present, and with Barbara Hocher, the Executive Director of the Mailyn Horne Foundation present, at Trinity United Methodist Church, at 7:30pm;

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mayor Tommy Battle, do hereby proclaim March 20, 2009 in recognition of Marilyn Horne as "Marilyn Horne Day" in the City of Huntsville.

    DATED this 20th day of March, 2009.

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