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Randy Cunningham, Inspection Director
320 Fountain Circle
Huntsville, AL 35801
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SIRE The City of Huntsville would like to introduce our new electronic plans review process. The process is called Active Review and is a software product purchased from Sire Technologies. This plans review process will work for Commercial and Residential plans reviews.

The Active Review Web Portal allows applicants to submit documents to The City of Huntsville for review. Documents can be marked up by Plans Reviewers and then sent back to the applicant for more information.

To submit documents, applicants access a web portal provided by the City of Huntsville. From the web portal, applicants can create an account; complete forms created by the City of Huntsville and upload plans for review in the following digital document types PDF,DWG,DGN,DXF,DOC,DOCX,XLS,XLSX to the City of Huntsville.

Once an applicant has submitted an item for review, they can login to the portal at any time to check the status of the item. If more information is needed from the applicant, an email is sent to them requesting their attention to the item.

Within the City of Huntsville, SIRE workflow tools are used by Plans Reviewers in order to automate the process. The plans review process is configured based on the guidelines of the City of Huntsville. Plans Reviewers have the ability to view submitted documents, markup the documents should any corrections need to be made; Plans Reviewers also have the ability to view document versions side-by-side or as an overlay to validate changes.

Getting Started Information

1. Read Users Guide
2. Review Commercial Application Assistance
3. Create User Account
4. Submit Application & Upload Related Files
5. You will receive an email verifying that the City of Huntsville has
    received your submittal.

Users Tips
  • Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9 only.
  • When uploading revised plans, upload the entire set that was requested with changes not just the
        individual pages.
  • "Invite Others" feature is great for General Contractors to use in conjunction with Architects.
  • Documentation cannot exceed 50 megabytes per file.
  • Civil (group all civil files in numerical arrangement C1.0,C1.1,C1.2 including landscape &
        photometric drawings)

  • All other files should be arranged in the following basic order with each Discipline Uploaded as a Single PDF.

  • Architectural (group all architectural files including Life Safety & Code Summaries in a Single PDF
        in numerical arrangement LS1.0,A1.0,A1.1,A1.2)
  • Structural (group all structural files as a Single PDF in numerical arrangement S1.0,S1.1,S1.2)
  • Mechanical (group all mechanical files as a Single PDF in numerical arrangement
  • Plumbing (group all plumbing files as a Single PDF in numerical arrangement P1.0,P1.1,P1.2)
  • Electrical (group all electrical files as a Single PDF in numerical arrangement E1.0,E1.1,E1.2)
  • Fire Protection / Food Service / other (group all files as a Single PDF in numerical arrangement)

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