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Site Overview
Site navigation features
Searching the City Web site
Installing and using Adobe Acrobat Reader
Text-only users
Enabling Java

Please note that this NEW Website for the City of Huntsville is still under development. Re-designed pages and sections will replace the old ones as they are completed. Some sections of the Site will take you away from the new navigation scheme. When this happens, click "Home," to return to the new Homepage or, click the browser "Back" button to return to the previous page.

If after reviewing the information provided within these sections, you are having technical difficulty using the City of Huntsville Website, please email our Webmaster.

Site Overview

The primary goal of the City's official Website is to provide access to City government information and services. We have included links to various sites that provide and maintain information on other public and private sector interests related to Huntsville.

The City site is designed to support the most common browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Netscape. Other browsers may work, but have not been tested for compatibility. The use of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view selected forms and documents on the site. You will want to visit the product sites to upgrade your versions periodically, enabling you to use the latest capabilities and features of the web.

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Site navigation features

The City Website has been redesigned so that you can easily and quickly — with the fewest clicks possible — find the information and services that you are seeking. The menu bar across the top provides links to helpful features such as Departments, Services, Other Web Sites, etc. Whenever you want to return to the Homepage, just click the Huntsville Star Logo in the top left. The list in the blue column on the left allows you to quickly link to the main category directories from almost anywhere within the site.

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Searching the City Web site

The Search engine (see bottom of page) enables you to search for information throughout the site using search words. However, it does not search database information.

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Installing and using Adobe Acrobat Reader

The City web site contains selected documents and forms that require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. We use this method when the documents are not available in digital form, too large or difficult to produce in HTML or they are publications where the format is critical to the usability of the document online.

Adobe Acrobat Reader software is available FREE from Adobe Systems Incorporated. This software allows you to view, navigate and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
Some simple help:

* Read the Adobe site instructions on Downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader.
* Be sure to select the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader that is compatible with your system.
* Follow the Adobe instructions completely. After the download, you will need to install the file by running the executable (.exe file) from your operating system. This is a step many forget.
* Configure your browser options accordingly.
* Upgrade your version periodically to enable you to use the latest features.
* Contact Adobe if you are having trouble installing and using the product.

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Text-Only Users

The City site has been developed to be "text-only" friendly and considerate of users accessing the site with special devices whenever possible. We use descriptive alternative tags (ALT tags) to supplement graphics. If you turn off image loading in your browser, the pages of the site can still be navigated and viewed. For use with special devices, the site has been validated using Bobby.
Adobe PDF documents can be converted to HTML or ASCII text using Adobe Accessibility Tools.

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Enabling Java and Java Script

The City web site contains features that require the use of java and java script to operate properly. To enable java and java script within your browser please following the instructions below:

Netscape Communicator

* Select Edit from your menu bar.
* Select Preferences, then select Advanced.
* Select Options from your menu bar.
* "Enable Java" and "Enable Java script"
* Click OK

Internet Explorer

* Select Tools from your menu bar.
* Select Internet Options, then the Security tab.
* For Internet, click on Custom Level.
* Scroll down to the Scripting area of the list.
* Under Scripting, set Active scripting to Enable,and set Scripting of Java applets to Enable.
* Click OK and return to the Security Setting
* Click Apply
* Click OK


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