Entrepreneurs & Innovator Network

Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a critical part of the City of Huntsville’s economic diversification strategy. Huntsville has a robust entrepreneur network consisting of colleges and universities, federal and non-profit Research & Development labs, incubators, mentoring assistance organizations that provide training, and meetups.

Huntsville prides itself on its dynamic entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem and hosts an annual week-long event called Innovate Huntsville. Pitch competitions, training sessions, tech demonstration and more make this a can’t-miss event for anyone interested in innovation or startups.

While innovation has become a buzz-word around the nation, Huntsville has been in the business of the tech-based economy for more than five decades. Huntsville’s Cummings Research Park is the second-largest research park in the country and fourth-largest in the world. This 4,000-acre park is home to hundreds of tech companies in aerospace, IT, telecommunications and biotech.

Beyond technology, independent farmer’s markets, Lowe Mill artist colony, pop-up boutiques, culinary artists, tinkers and makers contribute to the vibrant creative movement in Huntsville.

The Business Relations Office has developed a report on Huntsville’s Entrepreneur Ecosystem that highlights the many organizations that support innovation and entrepreneurship.

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