Historic Preservation Application

In a historic district, all projects that result in exterior changes to buildings or their settings are required to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) from the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission before a building permit may be issued.


Applications cost $15 and must be submitted to the City of Huntsville Planning Department, 308 Fountain Circle, by end of business on the last Monday of each month.

HHPC meetings are held in the Public Services Building at 320 Fountain Circle in the first floor Conference Room at 4:30 p.m. The second Monday of each month.

All required documentation must be submitted with this application; incomplete applications will be denied. If the project requires drawings, and those drawings exceed 11×17, both a hard copy and digital copy should be submitted to Katie Stamps, the City’s Historic Preservation Consultant.  A representative for the project must be present at the meeting or the request will be denied.

Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission Application & Checklist

Appeal for Variance of Building Ordinance


  1. The exterior architectural features of any existing building or structure are in any way reconstructed, restored, renovated or altered as to material, color, or structural appearance;
  2. An addition to an existing building or structure is constructed;
  3. A new building, structure or appurtenance (including walls, fences, terraces, drives, patios, pools, antennas, solar collectors and similar items) is constructed;
  4. The removal or demolition of any building, structure or appurtenance, including demolition by neglect and the failure to maintain a historic property or a structure;
  5. The painting of any building or structure in one or more colors that differ from the prior color of the building or structure, or the painting of originally unpainted surfaces;
  6. The erection or demolition or changes of any sign except for an appropriate marker identifying the name and address of an occupant or a resident, appropriate historical marker, and beautification markers subject to meeting the Zoning Ordinance;
  7. The preparation of land for parking areas; and A change being made in or upon any public property, street, walk, way or park within or touching upon the boundaries of any historic preservation district.


  1. Any interior work unless it causes a change in the exterior appearance;
  2. Repainting the exterior using prior colors;
  3. Replacing the window glass when not otherwise changing the window in any way;
  4. Re-roofing with the identical materials and color of materials; and
  5. Landscaping with plant materials that requires no significant change in the terrain of the property, creates no new off-site drainage, and does not remove or demolish any existing landscape features such as terraces, fences, drives, etc.)