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Plastic Cap Recycling Contest for Schools

Schools within Huntsville, Alabama’s city limits are eligible to participate in this nationally award winning program.  Registration begins September each year.  The contest is held October – March annually.  Please contact Green Team for more information.

What happens to all those caps collected by your school? Operation Green Team sends them on trucks going to Troy, Ala. to a plastics recycling company, KW Plastics. KW Plastics is the largest plastic recycler in the world! The caps are made into new plastic paint containers that you will see on the shelves of Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart stores.

Last year, schools collected more than 13 million plastic caps during the contest!


Caps must be plastic and the twist on/off type. These are found on plastic bottles of juice, milk, ketchup, laundry detergent, water, soda, peanut butter, shampoo and toothpaste, etc… and can be
any shape, color or size. Caps cannot have metal of any kind in them. To participate in the contest you must count your caps before Green Team picks them up from your school. To be eligible to win schools must report the number of caps collected to Green Team.

Consider collecting the caps in your lunchroom as well as asking the students to bring them from home. Green Team will pick up caps from schools participating during the last week of each
month of the contest.


Apply on behalf of your school or PTA today.

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