As part of our ongoing effort to build an inclusive community, we work to ensure that fair and affordable housing options are available to everyone. We are committed to supporting the Huntsville Housing Authority in its mission to help all Huntsville residents find quality housing at a reasonable price. We uphold the federal Fair Housing Act to ensure that everyone has the right to live where they choose.


  • Rehabilitation of owner-occupied homes through our Deferred Home Maintenance Repair Program and World Changers/Community Changers.
  • First time home buyers programs
  • Infrastructure – Construction of sewer, drainage, street and sidewalks in qualifying neighborhoods

2020-2025 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Choice Assessment


This 2020 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report provides a comprehensive overview of the City of Huntsville’s Community Development Department’s progress in meeting benchmarks, implementing programming and achieving economic development goals involving fair housing initiatives.


Every five years, the City of Huntsville must prepare a Consolidated Plan to address identified community needs with Community Development Block Grant funds (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership Program funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). We need your participation and feedback for the newest plan draft.

2020-2024 City of Huntsville 5-Year Consolidated Plan

2020-2024 City of Huntsville Consolidated Plan Amendment (Revised January 2022)

Submit your comments by filling out the Community Development Public Comment Form.

Comments can also be sent via mail:

Scott Erwin
City of Huntsville Department of Community Development
P.O. Box 308
Huntsville, AL 35804

To request special accommodations, please call 256-427-5400. Hearing or speech impaired residents are encouraged to use the TTY line at 256-427-7092 for requests. More details.

2020-2024 Citizen Participation and Language Access Plan


The City of Huntsville’s 2022 Action Plan is the product of a collaborative, strategic process that spans community partners, service providers, nonprofit housing developers, housing authorities, internal divisions/departments and the input of our citizens. The City of Huntsville Department of Community Development has worked extensively to identify community development needs and establish goals that align funding streams, community priorities and city initiatives. This plan highlights many of the efforts to maximize and leverage the City’s block grant allocations with other resources to build healthy and sustainable communities.



For more information on fair and affordable housing, please visit:

Huntsville Housing Authority

Fair Housing – It’s the Law


Public hearing to receive input for additional funding from ADECA CDBG-CV

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