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The City of Huntsville has four locally designated historic districts – Twickenham, Old Town, Five Points, and Alabama A&M University.

Historic district designation means that these neighborhoods have been recognized by the National Park Service, the State of Alabama, and the City of Huntsville as being architecturally and/or historically significant to the community. These historic resources make an important contribution to the city’s character, economy, and quality of life. The purpose of the Commission, then, is to ensure that the historic districts are preserved for the future.

All properties within the districts are subject to design review by the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission for any exterior changes to structures or to properties prior to issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness or building permit. The commission meets on the second Monday of each month and applications are due on or before the last Monday of each month.

The Commission consists of nine members, six of whom are appointed by the Mayor to serve six-year staggered terms. The remaining three members include the Director of the City Planning Department, the City Building Official, and one member of the City Council, whose terms correspond with the terms of their office. The commission was created by ordinance No. 72-47 adopted March 23, 1972.

David Ely, Chair
Years of service: 12/17/1998-05/03/2017

Peter Lowe
Years of service: 05/03/2003-05/03/2021

Jan Williams
Years of service: 05/03/2012-05/03/2018

Drenda King
Years of service: 04/25/2013-05/03/2019

Katie Stamps
Years of service: 03/10/2014-05-03/2018

Mike Holbrook
Years of service: 05/12/2014-05/03/2020

Mark Russell, Representative from City Council
Years of service: 10/14/2002-

Randy Cunningham, Representative from City of Huntsville Inspection Department
Years of service: 04/13/2009-

Dennis Madsen, City of Huntsville Manager of Urban and Long-Range Planning
Years of service: 09/09/2013-

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