Sustainability & Initiatives

The City of Huntsville is committed to environmental excellence and recognizes the importance of protecting our local and global environment and natural resources. We are committed to educating our citizens about ways they can participate in environmentally sound practices in their everyday lives, thus resulting in responsible and sustainable development. The City of Huntsville will continue these practices and will remain committed to investigating trends in recycling, conservation and other environmental issues.


The City of Huntsville is partnering with Huntsville City Schools, Huntsville Utilities, and Energy Huntsville in the multi-year competition for the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize. There are more than 50 communities vying to win, and Huntsville has been in the lead since Georgetown began tracking data from the competing cities.  We are now in the last phases of the contest which ends in December 2016.  How can you help? We are asking citizens to “Take5” easy steps to conserve energy. Learn more at 


Saving on energy costs is easy. The City of Huntsville’s Green Team is highlighting 5 steps that can save citizens up to 20% on their energy bills.

Huntsville, Alabama is one of a handful of U.S. cities competing for the $5 million Georgetown Energy Prize, but in order to win, we need to cut energy waste in Huntsville. By reducing your energy use, you’ll not only save yourself money, you’ll help Huntsville win funds that will ultimately be used to help make the Rocket City more energy efficient.


Watch the YouTube #Take5Hsv video playlist.


This program, initiated by TVA Economic Development, offers communities assistance in developing and implementing sustainability initiatives that not only serve to make the community more competitive, but also support TVA’s environmental policy.

Valley Sustainable Communities Program

Energy & Greenhouse Reduction Plan Draft