GEO Huntsville, Cyber Huntsville, Energy Huntsville and Bio Huntsville initiatives were created in partner with Mayor Tommy Battle and the community leaders of the City of Huntsville to promote greater economic diversification and development within the City. Dedicated to creating jobs and diversifying Huntsville’s economic base, Mayor Battle is committed to these initiatives, which aggressively work to unite the City’s rich intellectual capital with new opportunities. The Mayor’s goal is to make the best possible use of Huntsville’s collective brainpower to ensure that the City becomes a global leader in research and development.


GEO Huntsville, a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, is a collaborative effort among businesses, academia and government entities in our region to support workforce growth and economic development. The initiative works to bring awareness to the professional expertise that exists in the area, identify job opportunities that continue to build the economic base, and ultimately establish the Huntsville region as a major corridor for geospatial excellence.


Cyber Huntsville is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization made up of lndustry, Government and Academic institutions that are dedicated to making Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley region a Nationally and Internationally recognized Cyber leader. In doing this, Cyber Huntsville focuses on building on recognized talent pools and experience in the areas of Systems Engineering, Research and Development, Modeling and Simulation, Cyber Security, Experimentation, and Test and Evaluation. The initiative serves to put the Tennessee Valley Region on the map as a Cyber Center of Excellence.


Energy Huntsville seeks to leverage Huntsville’s expertise in the areas of modeling and simulation, systems engineering, technology integration, and testing to create new job opportunities, create economic diversification, and to enhance our national reputation as an energy leader.

  • Using the Region’s reputation for clean and green, develop the economy for both current and future ‘green’ industry.
  • Enhance our technology base through development of educational opportunities and diversification of the workforce to meet the needs of emerging energy markets and new industries.
  • Increase community and industry awareness about energy conservation and renewable energy and its vital role in our energy security.
  • Provide for energy independence and economic security by promoting renewable, alternate, and clean energy strategies and solutions.
  • Exploit the Huntsville Region as a key technology cluster, key innovator, and a key national asset.
  • Programming supporting awareness of energy efficiency such as the Better Buildings Challenge.


The Huntsville Biotech Initiative focuses on promoting the future of the biotech industry in Huntsville. The Biotech Initiative brings people together from industry, research, academia and government to shape the city’s strategy to grow in the area of technological applications that use biological systems. The Biotech Initiative Advisory Committee includes Harrison Diamond, the City’s Business Relations Officer; Carter Wells, Vice President for Economic Development at HudsonAlpha; Caron St. John, Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Alabama in Huntsville; Peggy Sammon, Chief Executive Officer of GeneCapture; Adam Hott, Coordinator of Educational Outreach at HudsonAlpha; key members of the Qualitest Pharmaceuticals management team; and Marshall Schreeder with Conversant Bio.

  • Learn more about BIO Huntsville by contacting Carter Wells

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