City Council

The Huntsville City Council is the legislative branch of the Huntsville city government as defined by the Mayor-Council Act of the State of Alabama. It is made up of 5 members, representing 5 distinct geographic districts of Huntsville, Alabama. All official actions must be approved by a majority vote of the Council during its regular meeting on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.

The Huntsville City Council is assigned to 10 Committees and Boards, with one or two Council Members on each committee. Council members represent the Council on six of the boards and committees and are assigned by the President of the Council. Each committee is responsible for hearing items that fall under its jurisdiction and then making recommendations to the Council as a whole.



The City Council Members serve staggered terms.

Municipal elections for Districts 1, 5 and the Mayoral election fell within in the 2016 cycle. Districts 2, 3 & 4 elections are in 2018.


District 1 – Devyn Keith (term expires 2020)

District 2 – Mark Russell, Council President Pro-tem (term expires 2018)

District 3 – Jennie Robinson, Council President (term expires 2018)

District 4 – Bill Kling, Jr. (term expires 2018)

District 5 – Will Culver (term expires 2020)