The City of Huntsville is a self-administered tax jurisdiction, which means businesses report and pay local taxes directly to Huntsville. Businesses should complete a simple tax account registration form with the City to receive an account number for reporting purposes.

Huntsville collects and administers the following taxes: Consumer Use, Gasoline, Liquor, Lodging, Rental/Leasing, Sales, Tobacco, and Wine. The City follows the same rules, regulations, definitions, and procedures as are adopted by the Alabama Department of Revenue for the purposes of collection and administration of sales, use, rental/leasing, or lodgings taxes. Tax rates, however, may be different.

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Most businesses report and pay on a monthly basis but the frequency of reporting can be different (quarterly, annually, occasional) based on the type of business and the average amount paid. Tax returns are due by the 20th day of the month following the reporting period in which the tax is collected or accrued.

Monthly:     20th day of month following month end date
Quarterly:   20th day of month following quarter end date
Annually:    20th day of month following year end date

Tax Forms and E-Filing

Forms and information you will need for online or postal filing

Tax Types and Rates

Information on the various City taxes and rates charged

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