Business Licenses

Every business is different. The City Clerk Treasurer’s Office will decide which applications need to be reviewed by various City departments and route your application accordingly:

  1. Clerk/Treasurer Office
  2. Zoning Administration – Planning Department
  3. Finance Department
  4. Inspection Department
  5. Fire Department

If your business is a restaurant, you will need a certificate from the Madison County Health Department to complete your application. Ideally, you should obtain your Health Department certificate before you begin your business license process with the City of Huntsville.

Apply by MAIL – New or Renewal

Choose your business location and type and complete the following:

Commercial Based Business License

Residential Based Business License

Businesses Not Physically Located in Huntsville*

            Sales reps or employees soliciting business in Huntsville
            Deliveries made to Huntsville via company owned or leased vehicles
            Personal property leased in Huntsville
            Repair, maintenance, construction or installation services performed in Huntsville


Mail to:

City of Huntsville
Clerk-Treasurer Department, License Division
P. O. Box 308
Huntsville, Alabama 35804-0308

Overnight Mail:

City of Huntsville
Clerk-Treasurer Department, License Division
308 Fountain Circle, 3rd floor
Huntsville, Alabama 35801


If you need more information, please contact one of our License Clerks or License Inspectors at (256) 427-5082.

Kevin Flory, Revenue License Inspector Supervisor (256) 427-5092
Kevin Fearn, Revenue License Inspector (256) 427-5093
Carolyn Love-Rice, License Inspector (256) 427-5094
Ken Benion, City Clerk-Treasurer (256) 427-5082