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Alarm Registration & Renewal

The City of Huntsville Ordinance 21-984 requires the registration of security alarm systems within Huntsville city limits. Alarm systems may be registered by the alarm company at the time of installation, but residential and commercial alarm system owners should contact the Public Safety Alarms Office to confirm registration status. Unregistered alarm systems are subject to a $100 fine in addition to assessed penalties for unexcused false alarm activations.

Read a Summary of the Alarm Ordinance and follow the instructions below for residential and commercial security alarm systems.


The City of Huntsville Alarms Office has transitioned its operations to CryWolf alarms management to better serve businesses and residents and help reduce false alarms.

To contact CryWolf about your alarm registration please call, 833-811-0299 or email HuntsvilleAL@alarm-billing.com.

Register or renew your alarm system: Online Alarm Registration Portal

Alarm Permit Fees

Permit Type New Registration Renewal Within 30 Days of Anniversary Date Renewal 30 Days or More After Anniversary Date
Residential $25 $25 $50
Small Commercial
(buildings less than 10,000 square feet)
$35 $35 $70
Large or Commercial
(buildings more than 10,000 square feet)
$50 $50 $100










Online Alarm Registration Portal is ONLY for Residential and Commercial alarm users.

Once the initial registration process is completed, an alarm permit decal will be mailed to the registered party and should be placed in a highly visible location on/near the main entrance of the registered building.

The number printed on an alarm permit decal is renewable from year to year. When you renew your alarm permit, the permit number will automatically be renewed. If the decal is in good condition, a replacement is unnecessary. If the alarm permit decal is no longer posted or the condition has deteriorated, contact CryWolf to request a replacement.


Alarm businesses providing installation, servicing or monitoring services shall maintain all licenses as required by city, state and federal law. Click here for more information.

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