The City of Huntsville requires electronic filing for all Sales, Use, Rental/Lease, and Lodging tax returns.

State of Alabama’s e-filing “One Spot System”

To e-file your Huntsville return, you must set up the city/county (9501 return) to include self-administered jurisdictions. View One Spot Filing Instructions.

Standard Local Tax Return Form

Refund Petition – Direct

Tax Information Authorization

Tax Disclosure Agreement

Tax Registration Form

Account Maintenance Form

Petition for Review

Refund Petition – Tax Paid to Seller

Penalty Waiver Request 


The following taxes must be reported by mailing a paper form:

Gasoline Tax Form

For use by every distributor or seller of gasoline or motor fuel sold or delivered in Huntsville

Liquor Tax Form

For use by businesses that sell liquor or alcoholic drinks containing liquor

Tobacco Tax Form

For sellers of distributors of tobacco products within the Huntsville city limits

Tobacco Stamp Order Form

For the ordering of tobacco revenue stamps

Wine Tax Form

For use by all wholesale wine dealers.


If you are not required to file returns electronically with the State of Alabama, your completed tax form and check payable to City of Huntsville should be mailed to:

City of Huntsville
Finance Department
P.O. Box 308
Huntsville, AL 35804


All City business owners are encouraged to contact their advisers about all potential tax matters; however, business licensees should:

  • Notify the Finance Department of the date sales tax collection begins.
  • File tax returns at least annually. If you have questions about your filing requirements, contact the Finance Department.
  • Notify the Finance Department of business information changes, including closure of the business.
  • If a business is sold, it is the responsibility of the purchaser of the business (successor) to pay any outstanding tax liabilities incurred by the previous owner.
  • Contact the state and counties in which you conduct business in order to determine if you should register to collect or remit their tax.
  • The State of Alabama Department of Revenue offers new Business Workshops on a regular basis.


The City of Huntsville administers seven local taxes. Businesses and individuals who have transactions in Huntsville are responsible for reporting certain information and paying applicable taxes directly to the city. City ordinances, including tax law, has been codified into the Code of Ordinances of the City of Huntsville, and may be viewed in its entirety electronically, or online.

View City Laws online and select the particular code section you want to review. The starting location in the Code for all city taxes sections is as follows:

Sales tax Sec. 15-108
Use tax Sec. 15-116
Rental tax Sec. 15-124
Lodgings tax Sec. 15-131
Liquor tax Sec. 15-141
Liquid fuel (gasoline) tax Sec. 15-191
Tobacco tax Sec. 15-300
Wholesale wine tax Ala. Code 28-7-16
Uniform Admin Procedures Sec. 15-92

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