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Huntsville Environmental Sustainability Committee

The Huntsville Environmental Sustainability Committee (HESC) was established by Mayor Tommy Battle to review and update the Green 13 Report produced in 2010 and provide an actionable program for moving forward with communitywide sustainability efforts. Following the release of the report on April 7, 2023, Mayor Battle announced he will establish a Sustainability Commission work to advance Huntsville’s established environmental goals by measuring and monitoring sustainability across the city.

“This work is ongoing and ever-changing as we adapt to evolving environmental challenges. As a smart city, it is our responsibility to our community and our planet to use resources wisely so that future generations may enjoy the benefits we have today.” – Mayor Tommy Battle



Environmental sustainability creates and maintains a healthy environment and a thriving economy that are equitable for present and future generations.

To better examine such a broad topic, HESC has broken it down into six sustainability sectors:

  • Natural Environment
  • Built Environment
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Food Security
  • Environmental Justice


HESC is working to accomplish several objectives:

  • Determine and report on the status of recommendations identified in the Green 13 Report
  • Research best practices and formulate strategies to address identified recommendations within the original six sustainability sectors of the Green 13 Report (guided by existing status)
  • Identify any sustainability sectors that were not identified in the original document, but are believed to warrant discussion for inclusion
  • Research and formulate recommendations for any newly identified sustainability sectors
  • Present updated strategic recommendations to Mayor Battle for each sector, as well as a proposed programmatic structure to integrate the recommendations into the City’s decision-making process


  • Marie Bostick – Executive Director, Land Trust of North Alabama (Committee Chair)
  • Jim Bolte – Toyota Motor Manufacturing (retired)
  • Heath Brooks – Attorney, Timberlake & League
  • Scott Cardno – Director, City of Huntsville Department of Natural Resources
  • Shane Cook – Director, City of Huntsville Department of Water Pollution Control
  • Dr. Robert Griffin – Associate Dean, UAH College of Science
  • Tyce Hudson – Project Director, Freedom Real Estate
  • Sara James – Economic Development & Planning Director, Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments
  • Michelle Jordan – Executive Director, Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments
  • Wes Kelley – Chief Executive Officer, Huntsville Utilities
  • Dennis Madsen – Manager of Urban and Long-Range Planning, City of Huntsville Planning Department
  • Carey Martin-Lane – Farm Food Collaborative Co-Manager, Food Bank of North Alabama
  • Kelly Schrimsher – Director of Communication, City of Huntsville Administration
  • Jared Mitchem – Regional Vice President, South, Tennessee Valley Authority
  • George Muzny – Deputy Director of Inspection Services, City of Huntsville Inspections Department
  • Lindsey Pattillo-Keane – Executive Director, MidCity District Association
  • Terry Price – Public Affairs Officer, Spring City Cycling Club
  • Dr. Wubishet Tadesse – Professor & Chair, Alabama A&M University Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences
  • Sue Wagner – Chief Executive Officer, Huntsville Botanical Garden
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    Green Team Office

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    Brian Walker

    Director of Landscape Management

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    Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.