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Logo and Identity Standards


The City of Huntsville is truly the star of the state. The City Logo, the “Star of Alabama,” reflects that. The logo, designed by Kim Brown of BBD Graphics, provides the backbone for a strong visual presence for the City. From natives who have lived in Huntsvile all their lives, to people far away who may have never visited the City, the Star Logo has become an instantly recognizable symbol, reflecting the excitement and character of Huntsville.

Whether it be a company, a school or, in Huntsville’s case, a city, an entity’s logo is one of its most important assets. The graphic elements that make up Huntsville’s visual identity – the “Star” icon itself, the typefaces and “The Star of Alabama” slogan – are among the most valuable marketing and communications tools we have.

When used properly, these elements anchor a carefully-designed identity system for Huntsville and helps the City speak with one strong voice. The logo should be limited to events and activities that the City sponsors or cosponsors, and please alert the Communication Department of the event before use.

To that end, the “Star of Alabama” was designed for great flexibility to be a strong presence in a myriad of applications, whether on a business card, the website, or a city truck.

To keep the City of Huntsville’s visual identity uniform and strong, extreme care must be exercised to ensure that the Star Logo is always used correctly. This page will guide you in how to apply the logo in whatever application you may need. Rules and regulations aren’t always fun, but please adhere closely to these standards so that the Star, and its reflection on the City, will always look good.

There are two versions of the City Logo that will be used for most applications. The vertical/square/stacked version is the preferred usage; an optional horizontal version has also been designed for special cases when the stacked version simply will not work.


City of Huntsville Stacked Logo


City of Huntsville Horizontal Logo

If the City Logo is to be used reversed out over a dark background, a dark blue (PMS 5395) is preferred.


City of Huntsville logo on dark background


City of Huntsville logo on dark background

These are the principal colors of the City Logo, in Pantone, CMYK and RGB values.
These logo colors must not be altered in any way; for example, they must not be changed to a tint or swapped within the design. Whenever possible, the Logo should appear in its principal colors.

City of Huntsville style guide - colors


The City of Huntsville official seal was designed by Scott Panciera of Panciera Designs. The seal represents Huntsville’s diversity of industry, from advanced manufacturing to biotechnology to agriculture, Huntsville has prospered. The seal is used for ceremonial purposes such as inaugurations and is to be used for official city business only. The seal is not to be substituted for the logo.



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