To report a stray animal in a non-emergency situation, please fill out this Report Animal Form.  If you have been bitten by a stray animal, seek medical attention immediately and dial 911.


Many people are reluctant to take a found pet to the humane society or local animal shelter when found for fear the animal won’t be reunited with its owner and possibly be euthanized. It’s our mission and goal to reunite pets with their rightful owner and not to euthanize any healthy, adoptable pet.

If you take a found pet to our Animal Shelter or to a local animal advocacy organization, you can leave your contact information with a note to call you if the owner is not found, as you will consider adoption.

Other things you can do to try to find the pet’s owner:

Check the pet for a tag or microchip. Tags should be obvious as they would be on a collar. Most humane societies or emergency clinics will have a scanner and will scan the pet to identify a microchip. If they find one, they will try to contact the owner.

Contact the Huntsville Animal Shelter,  the humane society, local animal rescue groups, veterinarian clinics, and the animal emergency clinic. Fax or take them a flyer to post on their bulletin board.

Get the Word Out immediately in your neighborhood about the found pet. Talk to neighbors and children, asking if they’ve seen the animal or know the pet’s owner.  

Post photos of the pet on social media pages, and create a Lost Pet Flyer at Pet FBI to post near the location where the pet was found. Be sure to include neighborhood entrances, local stores, and veterinarian clinics.

Place a found pet ad in local publications and online neighborhood associations, such as Craig’s List, NextDoor, and your local newspaper. Check these resources for lost pet notifications, too. People who lose pets often post on Craig’s list or call Animal Services.

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