It is our goal to reunite all pets with their families.

Huntsville Animal Services makes every effort to contact owners when an animal comes into the shelter with identification tags or a microchip. Since 90% of shelter dogs and cats do not have any correct form of identification, the pet owner must be proactive in reclaiming the pet. Huntsville Animal Services wants the pet owner to reclaim the pet and when financial issues are a hardship, we will work to find a solution.

If you need assistance, ask at the Customer Service desk or by calling 256-883-3783.

Huntsville Animal Services houses stray and lost animals for the City of Huntsville and the County of Madison. The City of Madison has its own Animal Control service through the Police Department.


Our Huntsville City Ordinance and the Madison County Alabama State constitutional amendment have fees that an owner is subject to when reclaiming their pet. These fees range from a courtesy free redemption for licensed and ‘fixed’ pets up to a $96 fee and $10 per day boarding fee. If you have a financial burden, we strongly encourage you to immediately contact our department and identify your pet as soon as possible.  We need the pet owner to physically come to our department located at 4950 Triana Boulevard, 35805 to discuss their specific situation.


Sterilization and microchipping of all animals impounded at Huntsville Animal Services is mandatory per revised Ordinance No. 18-952, Section 20.(b), Chapter 5-72 and the owner will be asked to pay the cost of the sterilization. There are significant health and behavior benefits as well as reducing pet overpopulation when having dogs and cats spayed or neutered. Additionally, all dogs and cats shall be microchipped for pet identification before release.

Proof of ownership is required; a clear and current photograph, vet records, microchip, or license tag, for example, will suffice. When reclaiming your pet, please bring proof of your pet’s sterilization, proof of your pet’s current Rabies vaccination, a leash, and an official identification with a picture and current physical address.

If your pet has already been sterilized, you may reclaim your pet at no impound or board fees by providing a personalized identification tag showing your phone number and the address where the pet lives (offer applies for the first impoundment only). These personalized identification tags cost around $10 and can be purchased at most pet supply stores. ID tags work to keep your dog and cat from being impounded, as most citizens would rather call or bring the lost pet to you than have our department bring them to the shelter.

If you cannot provide proof of Rabies vaccination, the rabies vaccination will be given to the animal at the shelter location or a rabies voucher will be provided, which is good at most city veterinary clinics. The rabies vaccination fee is $10 and the city license fee is $10, $35 or $50 and is not exempt.


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