Spay and Neuter Assistance

All dogs and cats adopted from Huntsville Animal Services must be spayed or neutered prior to going to their new home. This will prevent animals from contributing to the overpopulation problems of dogs and cats throughout the nation. All intact adopted dogs and cats are transported by the Huntsville Animal Services to a participating veterinarian for sterilization surgery.



Offering $5 spay/neuter surgery to residents within the 35810 zip code.


The City of Huntsville actively seeks to fight overpopulation problems and avoid euthanasia through Fixin’ Alabama Spay/Neuter program. Following surgery, pet owners will be issued one certificate per pet, verifying that they have been spayed and neutered. This form must be filled out by the pet owner and brought to Huntsville Animal Services with official award letter(s) (e.g., Medicaid, Disability, EBT, WIC, Tax Documents showing adjusted gross income of $25,000 or less).

Do not bring your pet. An appointment will be scheduled with a qualified veterinarian once documentation is verified.