The WPC has implemented a series of intensive pro-active programs to eliminate every sewer system failure possible. Together, the programs are called CMOM (Capacity, Management, Operations and Maintenance). WPC uses CMOM programs to keep an eye on conditions in its sewers to prevent failures, as well as to correct problems quickly when a failure does occur. CMOM has helped WPC reduce sewer overflows substantially, to well below the national average.

WPC’s CMOM programs include a diverse set of tools for monitoring, finding problems in, and improving the sewer system.


WPC has deployed a network of devices to measure flow at key points in our sewers. By monitoring flow patterns, WPC can detect potential problems and correct them before they become real trouble.


WPC finds pipe leaks hidden underground, as well as illicit storm drain connections, through smoke testing. By blowing a harmless mist (which has the appearance of smoke) into sewers, WPC can locate hidden leaks and illicit connections and take corrective action.


WPC gets the inside scoop on its sewers through video inspection. Closed-circuit TV cameras mounted on robotic crawlers are sent into and through the sewers. Operators in specially equipped trucks view and record the video, marking the locations of leaks, breaks, or other pipe problems. WPC then determines an appropriate corrective action


Roots grow through cracks and clog sewer pipes, and are a significant cause of overflows from our sewers. Through a contractor, WPC uses a chemical foam to kill intruding roots and prevent re-growth, preventing sewer blockages.


Repairing the problems found during other CMOM tasks is key to WPCs program success. WPC repairs leaks in pipes and manholes with a variety of construction methods. Some repair methods require digging up the pipe, but others don’t and the pipes are repaired from the inside.


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