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Request Fire & Rescue Community Resources

The Fire & Rescue Department plays an active role in community events throughout the City of Huntsville. Plan ahead to ensure your proposed event has Fire & Rescue support.

  • Your event must be within Huntsville city limits. If your event is outside City limits please call (256) 427-7401.
  • In order to provide resources for an event, Fire & Rescue needs at least 10 days’ notice in advance.
  • Fire & Rescue provides resources (when available) for business events like safety days, but will not provide resources at events from which the business benefits from monetary gain. Fundraisers for non-profit organizations are eligible for Fire & Rescue support.
  • Trucks can be requested for a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Event coordinators must give Fire & Rescue trucks and personnel an unobstructed exit route in case of a fire emergency.


  • Community events
  • Neighborhood events
  • Charitable events
  • Block parties
  • School events
  • Church festivals
  • Education sessions

Fill out the form below to request Fire & Rescue resources including station tours, event appearances, fire truck demonstrations or guest lectures.