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Research Park Boulevard (SR 255) between U.S. 72 and Old Madison Pike

Published on April 24, 2017


This project includes adding two additional lanes in the center along Alabama 255 (S.R. 255) between U.S. 72 and Old Madison Pike. The project will also include a new bridge at Old Madison Pike to include 10 feet of multi-use paths on each side to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists and will include a new bridge along the Bradford Drive northbound on-ramp and new MidCity off-ramp along S.R. 255.

The project will be constructed in two phases:

Phase I: Additional lanes added in the median with new barrier wall between U.S. 72 and to an area just before Old Madison Pike. Construct new Bradford Drive bridge and remove old ramp, followed by construction of the MidCity ramp.

Phase II: Old Madison Pike bridge replacement will be stage constructed to keep traffic across the bridge during construction. Connect the barrier wall to center pier for the new bridge at Old Madison Pike. Widen outside lanes on S.R. 255 after traffic is switched to the new center lanes. Leveling and paving of S.R. 255 while keeping traffic in two lanes in each direction. Install new sign bridges, final paving, striping and signage.

All work on this project is anticipated to be completed by late 2021 due to the staggered construction timelines of the project scope.


Improvements along Research Park Boulevard remain at approximately 85% complete. The contractor is currently awaiting Old Madison Pike bridge center pier to be complete prior to connecting the remaining barrier wall along S.R. 255. The contractor will then continue with leveling to improve drainage in the center lanes.

Upon completion of the barrier wall, they will relocate all traffic control devices and shift traffic towards the center lanes and begin widen on the outside lanes. During paving operations, the contractor will need to shift traffic to install multiple asphalt layers to complete the leveling and widening along S.R. 255. The contractor will keep traffic on two lanes in each direction during the day hours. Any work that requires less than two lanes of traffic in each direction will be performed during the night hours.

The contractor continues to stage construct the Old Madison Pike bridge, which the north side was completed in June after a delay associated with redesign of the bridge abutment due to poor rock quality on site. The traffic is currently shifted to the north side to allow for construction to begin on the south side of the bridge. Demolition of the south side is currently performed during night hours through mid-July. New bridge substructure will begin as geotechnical borings are completed to determine subsurface condition at each support location. Design may be modified depending upon quality of rock at each location. Traffic will continue to have one lane in each direction across the bridge and remain shifted to the north side for the remainder of 2021.

The new Bradford Drive northbound ramp and MidCity exit ramp were completed in June.

Final paving will occur on all areas within the project limits at the same time for a seamless riding surface with  temporary striping. New sign bridges will also be installed along S.R. 255. Final permanent striping and signage will occur after asphalt has adequately cured. The entire project is anticipated to be complete at the end of the year with weather and site conditions permitting.

Map of Research Park Blvd road improvement project

Please see downloads for additional information for Redstone Arsenal/Cummings Research Park commuters and for Sherwood Park and Calhoun College commuters.

Updated June 25, 2021


Estimated Cost: $23.5 million

Contractor: Rogers Group

Source of Funding: Local & State – Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)


Updated June 25, 2021

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