Published on August 16, 2018


The project consisted of intersection improvements at Rock Cut Road and US Hwy 72 and included widening of the existing intersection by adding a 1500-LF acceleration lane for westbound traffic along US Hwy 72 and a temporary traffic signal for eastbound US Hwy 72 traffic during peak hours. This improved access from Rock Cut Road to westbound US Hwy 72, without stopping traffic on westbound US Hwy 72, from the existing Eastern Bypass for Big Cove residents to use as an alternate access during the construction of Cecil Ashburn. Work started in November 2018 and was completed by January 2019.


The road is in service.

Updated January 11, 2019


Source of Funding: Local & State – Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)

This is a Restore Our Roads project.

Updated January 11, 2019

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