This is an inherently dangerous job requiring skilled firefighting work in combating, extinguishing, preventing fires, extrication, rescuing, and providing emergency medical care in answering emergency calls, and in the operation and routine maintenance of departmental equipment, apparatus, and quarters. Shift work is required.

Work involves training for and participating in duties of protecting life and property through the performance of firefighting, extrication, emergency medical care and rescue activities. Employees of this class are required to learn and participate in the operation of apparatus and performance of hazardous tasks under emergency conditions, which may require exertion under such handicaps as smoke, heat, and cramped surroundings. Although fire fighting, emergency medical care and emergency rescue work constitute the primary and most difficult and responsible areas of work, the major portion of assigned work time is spent drilling and studying methods, techniques, and organization, as well as maintaining departmental facilities, apparatus, and equipment. Work is usually performed in accordance with explicit instructions and well-defined procedures; however, performance of the work requires initiative and a thorough understanding of firefighting, extrication, rescue, emergency medical care and fire prevention principles and methods.

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