Published on April 24, 2017


This project, also known as the Weatherly Road project, will include a 2-mile road extension along Haysland Road to Hobbs Road. The connection will help to relieve congestion on South Parkway, provide additional access to the Redstone Arsenal gate on Redstone Road, and provide access to planned residential, commercial, and recreational developments that will grow around the new Grissom school.

Based upon recent public input, the City will be constructing multi-use paths along the roadway to Hobbs Road.


This project is under construction. Grading and drainage are approximately 98% complete. Utilities are approximately 95% complete. Greenway path construction is approximately 90% complete. Drainage culvert construction is complete.

Contractor has completed retaining walls on Hobbs Road and has begun installing the traffic signals at the intersection. Hobbs Road has been milled and repaved to match widened section.

Completion of new greenway between Grissom High School and Hobbs Road is anticipated to be complete in May 2020 with the reminder of the roadway completed mid-summer 2020.

Updated May 18, 2020


Estimated Cost:  $5.5 Million

Source of Funding: City of Huntsville

Contractor: Reed Contracting Services, Inc.


Updated May 18, 2020

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