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U.S. 231 from Hobbs Island Road to South of Weatherly Road

Published on April 24, 2017


This project will include four miles of access and intersection improvement along Memorial Parkway between Weatherly Road and Hobbs Island Road. No overpasses are included in this project. Improvements will include closing and opening medians, reconfiguring driveways, driveway locations, turn lanes, intersections, and access management to improve traffic flow. This is an ALDOT project.


Preliminary engineering and design are 75% complete. Construction is on hold pending redevelopment in the corridor. The state will resume design as new traffic studies are provided.

Updated May 18, 2020


Total cost:  $15 million

Source of Funding: Local & State – Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)

This is a Restore Our Roads project.


South Memorial Parkway - Weatherly Road to Hobbs Road Improvements

Updated May 18, 2020

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