The Planning Division staff assists developers and landowners in meeting subdivision requirements outlined in the Subdivision Regulations for the City of Huntsville. The subdivision process takes about 120 days from start to finish, providing there are no challenges or obstacles that occur during approval and permitting.

The local subdivision regulations address the procedures necessary for developing major subdivisions and minor subdivisions, family land conveyances, and for developing apartment sites.

Persons desiring to subdivide property in the City of Huntsville are required to meet with the Planning Division staff to discuss the procedures and requirements for the adoption of a subdivision plat. The requirements as to the general layout of the streets, reservations of land, street improvements, drainage, sewerage, fire protection, and similar matters, as well as the availability of existing services will also be discussed at the initial meeting.

Location, Character, and Extent approval is required on all public projects.

The Planning Division staff will also direct the individual to the various departments and agencies that will be involved in the approval process. A subdivision application and fee are also required.


Subdivisions, Minor Subdivisions, and Location, Character, & Extent require both forms listed below:

Subdivision Application

Public Hearing Form


Guide to the process:

Subdivision Acceptance Process

Sample Acceptance Letter


Geographic Information Systems

Use GIS maps to locate new subdivisions, aerial maps, grocery zones, slope development, wetlands and more

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Subdivision Turn-In Dates

Due dates to turn in applications for subdivisions; location, character and extent; minor plats

Subdivision 2024 Turn-in Dates