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Code Enforcement

The Community Development Office is responsible for enforcing the City’s Codes & Ordinances related to the following nuisances:

  • Unsafe buildings
  • Substandard housing
  • Junk and litter
  • Tall grass and weeds
  • Inoperative motor vehicles on right of way
  • Abatement of public nuisances
  • Graffiti
  • Fences
  • Swimming Pools


Nuisance Property Liens

Properties in violation of the City of Huntsville Nuisance Codes for grass and weeds, junk and litter, or housing code violations are cited by Community Development to correct the problem. If owners either fail or refuse to voluntarily comply, the City will abate the nuisance and place a lien against the property. This action requires City Council approval. Nuisance liens are posted on the City Council agendas.

If you would like to report a nuisance property, please use our Huntsville Connect customer service application.

Most recent Nuisance Property Liens: 

Structure Removal – Resolution Number 17 – 073 

Structure Removal – Resolution Number 17 – 075

Structure Removal – Resolution Number 17 – 074

Clean Up – Resolution Number 17 – 076

Clean Up – Resolution Number 17 – 077

Lots Cut – Resolution Number 17 – 078

Unsafe Buildings

View active reports of unsafe buildings within the City of Huntsville. The information on this site has been made available for law enforcement and official purposes only. Please do not print, copy, re-transmit, disseminate, or otherwise use this information for reasons other than official business.

Unsafe Buildings

City Codes and Ordinances

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  • Phone:
  • Address:
    Community Development Office120 Holmes Ave NEHuntsville, AL 35801View Map
  • Email:
    Keith AtchleyCode Enforcement ManagerKeith.Atchley@HuntsvilleAL.gov
  • Hours:
    Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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