Finding Your Lost Pet

Losing a beloved pet is distressing and immediate action is important. We offer the following helpful tips if your pet is lost.

Visit Huntsville Animal Services every 2-3 days until your pet is found at our 4950 Triana Boulevard location.

Go online daily to the Animal Services database and check pictures and descriptions of all lost and stray pets.

Get the Word Out immediately about your lost pet is important. Talk to neighbors and children, asking if they’ve seen your pet. People will be very willing to help. 

Post photos of your pet on your social media pages, and create a Lost Pet Flyer at Pet FBI to post near the location where your pet went missing. Be sure to include neighborhood entrances, local stores, and veterinarian clinics.

Place a lost pet ad in local publications and online neighborhood groups, such as your local newspaper, Craig’s List, or NextDoor. Check these resources for found pet notifications, too. People who find lost pets often post on Craig’s list or surrender the pets to a local rescue for adoption. 

Contact local animal rescue organizations to see if they have your pet.

Understanding Lost Dog or Cat Behavior may help in your search. The Missing Pet Partnership provides tips and guidelines on the behavior of lost pets to help owners recover their animals. Visit

When reunited with your pet immediately place a properly fitted collar with an identification tag displaying a phone number and address. Collars with tags are your pet’s ticket home! Consider microchipping your pet with an electronic identification. Shelters, animal rescue organizations and vets routinely screen for these devices.

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