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Street Signs and Signals


The sign crew and sign shop fabricates most of the signs on Huntsville streets. Among the signs manufactured are regulatory, warning, guide, information, school zone signs, and street name markers. The crews also trim shrubbery and tree limbs which obstruct the view of traffic signs and signals. The sign crew is on call for emergency repairs which occur after-hours. To report a missing, damaged, or faded sign, call Traffic Engineering at 256-427-6850. For emergency repairs after hours or on weekends, call HPD Dispatch at 256-722-7100.


The signal crews perform preventative maintenance and new construction throughout the City of Huntsville.  Regularly scheduled inspections ensure the safety of motorists, bicycles, and pedestrians as well as efficiency in travel. Traffic signal technicians are responsible for the installation, operation, and repair of the traffic signals and their associated electronic equipment. Traffic signal crews are also responsible for all overhead street name signage. To report traffic signal malfunctions, call Traffic Engineering at 256-427-6850.  For emergency repairs after hours or on weekends, call HPD Dispatch at 256-427-6850.


Pavement markings crews install and maintain pavement markings such as stop bars, yellow and white lane lines, turn arrows, raised pavement markers, school zones, railroad crossing markings, and pedestrian crosswalks. Striping and raised pavement marking decisions are based on inspections during the day and evening hours to determine the visibility and reflectivity of such markings. To report a pavement marking problem, call 256-427-6850.

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