The City of Huntsville accepts some types of hauled waste, as a courtesy. Violation by Permittee/Licensee, or their representative, of this Policy or Procedural Guidelines, may result in immediate suspension or revocation of the Permittee’s disposal privileges. All parties who wish to discharge hauled waste at our facility fully agree to, and shall:

i. Be annually registered and permitted, to retain disposal privileges with WPC.

ii. Only discharge approved kinds of waste.

iii. Follow all discharging procedures; only discharging after the on duty, WWTP Operator has approved the load.

iv. Keep Billed Account current; maintaining a zero dollar balance, each month, by 5 p.m. invoiced due date.

The Director of Water Pollution Control may amend policy at any time, without prior notice. Hauled Waste Transporters must comply with all Policy and Procedural Guidelines; more details follow.


WPC reserves the right to refuse any hauled wastewater when it will interfere with the effective operation of the system and or treatment plant. WPC may collect samples of each load of hauled wastewater to ensure compliance with guidelines and or require the hauler to provide an analysis of the wastewater of any load prior to discharge. Only approved waste from Huntsville’s Sanitary Sewer Service Area, or Madison County, allowed. Attempted discharge of waste from an unauthorized area is cause for immediate suspension of your discharge privilege:

i. Septic tank waste, portable toilet, only the grit portion of oil and water separators, and grease trap/grease interceptor waste.


No load or part thereof shall come from locations outside of any approved area in the state of Alabama, as identified or listed in this policy:

i. No oily waste from oil and water separators.

ii. No material containing industrial or hazardous waste.

iii. Grease waste shall not be combined with septic waste or transported to the disposal site as part of a mixed load.

iv. No loads over 5,000 gallons.


Pre-approval is required for discharge privileges. Current copies of application and a copy of licenses and permits must be on file at WPC before any discharge, and or for a continuance of previously-approved Licensees. Hauled Waste Transporters must submit a current copy of the following licenses, permits and other information with an annual application by deadline:

  1. Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board Pumper License
    a) Non-Septic Grease Only Haulers will provide a written statement thereof, in lieu of the AOWB Pumper License
  2. City of Huntsville / Madison County Business License
  3. Madison County Health Department Sewage Tank Pumper Permit
  4. Department of Public Health Septic Tank Vehicle Inspection Form for Each Vehicle that will enter our facility
  5. Current Proof of Vehicle Insurance / Liability Policy ID Number
  6. Vehicle Description & VIN, Tag Number, Tare Weight and Tank Capacity of Each Vehicle entering our facility
    a) Any vehicle not approved at time of the annual application will be denied access to our facility

Fax, Mail, or email copies to:

WPC Industrial Pretreatment
1800 Vermont Road Huntsville AL 35802- 2064
Email: pat.morgan@huntsvilleal.gov
FAX: (256) 883-3682

Phone: (256) 883-3719


Discharge Location Authorized hauled waste is discharged only at our Spring Branch WWTP located at 1800 Vermont Road, Huntsville, AL.


Discharge hours are currently 7 am to 5 pm, seven days per week. Designated discharge location, times and types of accepted hauled waste accepted are subject to change, without prior notice. Hauled waste discharge shall not interfere with plant operations, and be conducted at WPC convenience. Haulers found in violation of discharging hours are suspended.


All Hauled Waste Transporters are required to stop at the WWTP Control Room immediately upon entry into the WWTP:

i. Transporter shall never proceed to a disposal area without first having obtained an On Duty Operator Inspection, Approval and Receipt Signature for each load.

ii. Transporter is responsible for completing a factual and legible Hauled Waste Receipt upon plant entry.

iii. Transporter shall contact on duty operator upon arrival, sign in on the logbook, present a completed receipt and all load manifests, before an on duty operator is to inspect and approve load for disposal.

iv. Only after the on duty operator completes vehicle inspection and signs the receipt, will a transporter be allowed to access to the designated discharge site, as instructed by the operator.

v. Failure to comply or obtain inspection before disposal results in Maximum Disposal Charges for the load, and is cause for immediate suspension of disposal privileges for the driver and or company. Company is responsible and subject to further costs if a load was disposed without inspection and determined to have contents not meeting all requirements, as listed in this policy.

a. Inspection and Verification includes matching the presented receipt to the transporter’s manifest(s) for that particular load. Operator must verify each load and that hauler provided information is correctly recorded on the receipt. If a hauler refuses or does not have adequate manifests’ for the load, the on duty operator will deny discharging of the load.

b. A clean sight glass and hauler manifest determines volume. If a clean sight glass and or manifest(s) do not exist, we can deny disposal, or if the operator allows discharge, the transporter agrees to be billed at maximum capacity. This is required if unable to confirm a volume that is stated at less than tank capacity.

c. Once approved, transporter may then proceed to the designated discharge location, as instructed. Any driver found bypassing inspection is billed at Maximum Tank Capacity, is also subject to immediate loss of discharge privileges, and may incur further costs deemed appropriate by WPC.

d. Once discharge is complete, the driver must thoroughly rinse clean the dump area; on-duty operator may be present during discharge and or take samples at their discretion.

e. In the event a transporter spills or leaks waste on the premises, transporter will immediately clean spill areas to the satisfaction of the on-duty operator. Failure to adequately clean facility is cause for additional charges and possible suspension of privileges.


WPC has the right to refuse a transporter discharge privileges for any reason, at any time, should the opinion of an on-duty operator, based on a review of the Hauled Waste Receipt, determine that:

i. The hauled waste does not meet the conditions under which approval was granted.

ii. The waste could cause operational and or maintenance problems or be detrimental to the health and safety of COH employees.

iii. Or violate COH WWTP’s NPDES Permit, or any City, State, or Federal environmental laws and regulations.


WPC’s Director reserves the right to immediately suspend or revoke discharge privileges if transporter fails to follow all conditions as set forth in WPC policies or procedural guidelines:

i. A hauler found discharging waste anywhere in Huntsville’s Sanitary Sewer System, other than the designated WWTP, would have discharge privileges immediately revoked, and be reported to the Health Department for the act of illegal dumping.

ii. Transporting of illegal or unacceptable wastewater to any WWTP, with any intent or attempt to discharge results in indefinite suspension of discharge privileges for driver and or related hauled waste transport company.


Hauled Waste Licensee pay a discharge fee pursuant to COH Municipal Code Chapter 21, as amended. Licensee agrees to keep account current, having a zero balance before the end of each month, in order to preserve a continuance of their discharge privilege:

i. Accounts bill monthly, and must be paid-in-full before the 5 p.m. due date listed on the invoice.

ii. Disposal Rates set forth are net when paid before 5 p.m. due date. Late fees are assessed on any unpaid net amount not paid before the listed 5 p.m. due date. Should due date fall on Sunday or a holiday, a grace period for delivery of payment is provided only on the first business day thereafter, and before 5 p.m.

iii. A net remittance received after5 p.m. due date must bear an official USPS Postmark indicating item was delivered into the care of USPS before the 5 p.m. due date. Envelopes bearing later postmarks deem payment is late and owing the assessed late fee.

iv. A Past Due balance that carries into to the next/following month are cause for immediate suspension of disposal privileges.

v. Suspension begins at 5 p.m. on the last day of the month. Drivers will be turned away at the Gate/Control Room.

vi. Privileges will remain suspended until the past due account is paid-in-full, and subsequently judged to be back in good standing by the WPC billing department. Customer will be notified of the selected reinstatement date. No disposal is authorized before the billing department has notified the WWTP Chief Operator.

vii. Delinquent accounts will be sent to City’s Legal Department, for action against the company, whenever an invoice, including assessed late fee or any part thereof is unpaid and reaches the 90-Calendar Day Past Due mark. Disposal Privileges will be revoked.

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    Water Pollution Control Office

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    Huntsville, AL 35802

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    Randall Stewart

    Water Pollution Control Director

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    Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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