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For over 200 years, Maple Hill Cemetery has provided dignified burials in beautiful surroundings at reasonable prices. Our professional Cemetery Services staff has a combined 35 years of service to Maple Hill, ensuring families receive compassionate and professional services.

Purchasing spaces at Maple Hill is simple. Cemetery staff members are not commissioned, nor are there hidden surcharges. Because Maple Hill is a City of Huntsville Cemetery and a nonprofit organization, it does not charge tax. Perpetual Care is included in the cost of burials, which can be found here.


Maple Hill has full-size burial and/or cremation burial spaces in the following blocks: Block 41, Block 42*, Block 45*, Block 46*and Block 47**.  All remaining spaces for sale are restricted to flat markers only. Click here to see a layout of the cemetery.

*Blocks have very limited availability and may not have multiple adjacent spaces and/or only have spaces around the perimeter of the block(s). Please check with our office for availability.

**Block 47 is restricted to cremation burial only spaces. Cremation burial spaces will be opened one time only. Two cremains may be interred in one container, however, only one marker will be allowed.

***Full-size burial spaces allow one full casket traditional burial and one cremation burial per space OR two cremation burials per space.


All full-size burial spaces are $2,500 each and cremation/infant spaces in Block 42 are $1,250 each. Cremation spaces in Block 47 are $1,500 each. We do not offer financing and accept cash, personal check, or credit/debit cards (there is a 2.5% service fee for credit/debit cards).

If you are interested in purchasing, please make an appointment by emailing maplehill@huntsvilleal.gov or calling 256-427-5730.  Please review the following information prior to your appointment:

  • Please complete and bring with you the sales information sheet. This form will help us to better serve you in a timely manner.
  • Please review the sample sales agreements (Blocks 40-60 and Block 47), which expressly reserves unto the City a “first right of refusal.” Please read and understand the terms of this agreement. It is the desire of the Mayor, City Council and cemetery staff that the spaces sold are to be used for the burial of family members. In order to prevent speculation and resale for profit, the city will require the signed burial sales agreement (including the “first right of refusal”) at the time of purchase of one or more burial or cremation spaces. No person or entity will be allowed to purchase more than 12 spaces in Blocks 41-46 and more than six spaces in Block 47.
  • If more than one person’s name will be included on your property deed as a “purchaser,” it is required that all such persons be present at the appointment, since the signatures of all proposed purchaser(s) under the deed are required on the sales contract.

Thank you for considering Maple Hill Cemetery. We will make every effort to accommodate your burial needs.

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