The 10-member Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council (HPCAC) was created in 2010 (Ordinance 10-361) to improve the relationship and perception between Huntsville Police and the citizens of Huntsville. The HPCAC works to strengthen bonds between the police department and the community, thereby ensuring equal protection and service for all citizens. They recommend procedures, programs, or legislation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Police Department and they work to keep the Chief of Police apprised of actions that create community concern.

The HPCAC works with the police department on a variety of issues, ranging from diversity to recruiting, training, disciplinary issues, and more recently the implementation of tasers and body-worn cameras.

The HPCAC brings a citizen’s perspective on the policies and procedures of law enforcement. They hold public meetings with the community and police throughout the year where the public can discuss issues directly with the officers that serve them. The HPCAC is comprised of a diverse mix of community leaders whose primary objective is to improve the relationship between the community and the police department.


HHCAC functions as a 10-member board appointed for two-year terms by the Mayor, City Council and Chief of Police. Members must be a Huntsville resident and may not have a criminal background.

  • Two seats appointed by the Mayor (one from the Human Relations Commission)
  • Three seats appointed by the Chief of Police (one of Hispanic origin)
  • Five seats appointed by the City Council (each Council member appoints one seat)


Willie Love – Mayoral Appointee
John Olshefski – Mayoral Appointee
John Reitzel – Chief of Police Appointee
David Little – Chief of Police Appointee
Ruben Flores – Chief of Police Appointee
Gregory Bentley – District 1 Appointee
Jonathan Rossow – District 2 Appointee
Vicki Guerrieri – District 3 Appointee
Shelly McCulley – District 4 Appointee
Wiley Day Jr. – District 5 Appointee


To contact the HPCAC, call 256-427-7134 or email



Independent Counsel for the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council presented its review of protest events that occurred in Huntsville in June 2020. Read more here.


Community message from the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council about the Aug. 28 Public Listening Session. Read the HPCAC News Release.


The Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council continues the fact-finding stage of its protest review and has created a plan to continue to collect information from citizens once the Community Input Form closes at midnight on Friday, August 7. The HPCAC independent counsel’s firm has established a website at that will allow citizens to upload cell phone and other video footage from the protest events and the HPCAC will host two Public Listening Sessions on Aug. 12 and Aug. 28. Read more in the HPCAC News Release.


Community message from the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council on actions taken to date. Read the HPCAC News Release.


Huntsville residents who would like to provide public input about the protest events that occurred in Huntsville from May 30 – June 5 may submit comments to the HPCAC through this Community Input Form. Comments for this review will be accepted through August 7.


The Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Committee has been tasked with reviewing the events and decisions leading up to and during the protests in Huntsville from May 30 – June 5, 2020. The HPCAC is determining its procedural process for this review, a portion of which will include opportunities for public comment through a secure online form. Notifications and instructions for public input will be well-publicized through the media, the City of Huntsville, HPCAC webpage and Facebook page.

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