The position classification plan provides a systematic arrangement and inventory of the positions in City government. The plan groups the various positions into classes according to the ranges of duties, responsibilities, and level of work performed.The classification plan consists of the following:

A grouping of positions into classes so that each position in a class:

  • Requires basically the same training, experience, and/or education;
  • Can be filled by substantially the same methods of selection; and,
  • Is of relative value and, therefore, deserves the same salary range.

The class title of a position shall be used to designate such position in all budget estimates, payrolls, and other official records, documents, vouchers, and communications in connection with all personnel processes; provided, however, that any other title desired by departmental officials may be used to designate any position for the purpose of internal departmental administration; and,

A written description for each job classification – Job Description  – containing examples of typical tasks found in the class, essential functions of the job classification, an indication if the job classification is considered to be safety-sensitive, requirements of the class setting forth the minimum necessary knowledge, training, abilities, and experience, and any special qualifications necessary for entrance into the class.

  • Job Descriptions are descriptive and explanatory and are not restrictive. They are designed to indicate the kind of positions that should be allocated to a class as determined by the duties and/or responsibilities. The use of an individual expression or illustration as to duties or responsibilities shall not be regarded as excluding assignments of other duties not mentioned which are of similar kind or quality.
  • In determining the class to which any position shall be allocated, the specification for each class shall be considered as a whole and construed as a general description of the kinds of work and characteristics of positions which shall be allocated to the class, and not as limiting the authority to prescribe or alter the duties of any position.
  • Minimum qualifications are comprehensive statements of the minimum background as to education, experience, and other qualifications that will be required in all cases as evidence of an employee’s ability to perform the work properly.

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