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Worker’s Compensation

The City’s Workers’ Compensation division handles all claims for City of Huntsville employees injured on the job. The City’s plan is self-insured and administered in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State of Alabama Worker’s Compensation Law. City Worker’s Comp staff provides information and assistance to injured employees and manages the claims. This provides a high level of service to injured workers and enhances communication throughout the claims process. Other components of the program include wage supplementation, benefits eligibility, limited duty placement, and reintegrating employees into the workplace as quickly as possible, without sacrificing the quality of care. Staff further coordinates appropriate benefits including: all medical and salary continuation benefits, death benefits to surviving dependents, disability benefits, and vocational rehabilitation for disabled employees in compliance with state and federal mandates.

An employee who experiences an on-the-job injury should complete and submit an Employee’s First Report of Injury to the Human Resources Department within five (5) days of the injury.

If the employee requires medical treatment for the injury, the employee must follow the City’s processes and procedures for treatment at an approved facility.

Under Alabama Workers’ Compensation Law, an accident must arise out of and in the course of employment. There must be a relationship between the employment and the accident, and it must occur within the period of employment, at a place where the employee may reasonably be, and while he or she is fulfilling the duties of employment or engaged in something incidental to it.

An accident is defined as an unexpected or unforeseen event happening suddenly and violently, with or without human fault, producing at the time of injury to the physical structure of the body or damage to an artificial member of the body by accidental means.
If you have questions, please contact the Workers Compensation Technician at (256) 427-5190.

If the employee is unable to work due solely to an injury sustained on the job, the employee may use accrued sick leave, annual leave, compensatory, and holiday time on a prorated basis to supplement compensation as follows:

  • Upon request, the employee shall receive pay for and be charged with the amount of such accrued sick leave, annual leave, compensatory, and holiday time necessary to supplement the workers’ compensation weekly pay. For example, if workers’ compensation amounts to sixty-seven percent (67%) of the regular pay, the employee would be charged only with sufficient sick leave, annual leave, compensatory, or holiday time to make up the remaining thirty-three (33%) of regular pay; and.
  • Such supplemental pay shall cease when the employee returns to work, is deceased, or when the employee has been determined to have a permanent partial disability or permanent total disability as certified by competent medical authority and has reached maximum medical improvement.

The City of Huntsville’s return to work policy is based on the authorized treating physician’s opinion. Employees who have been off work due to an on-the-job injury may return to work, upon written authorization from the authorized treating physician, either full duty (with no restrictions), or restricted duty. If the department has work that can accommodate the employee’s restrictions, the employee may be allowed to work within those guidelines.


Training on Workers’ Compensation is offered periodically or is available upon request. It is structured for supervisors and managers across the City. It encompasses the City’s workers’ compensation services, injury prevention services, and the injury reporting process. Training can be tailored to the needs of the department.

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