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Huntsville officials urge patience and safety as crews address ongoing road issues

Published on January 18, 2024

As continued cold slows ice melting off roadways and sidewalks, City officials urge patience as crews continue to work to clear driving lanes and public safety personnel respond to spikes in weather-related emergency calls.

“The City is working diligently to make it safe for drivers to return to the roads,” Mayor Tommy Battle said. “Everyone is eager to leave their homes and get back to their normal lives, but patience is needed. The danger from the ice has not subsided, so we want people to use caution if they venture out.”

Public Works Director Chris McNeese said crews are working on major and minor collector roadways with plows and motor graders. McNeese said the expected rain should enhance clearing because it will help slush to develop on roadways, which will be easier for crews to scrape away.

As crews are out clearing roads of ice, drivers are asked to use caution and be aware of workers in the roadway.


Traffic accidents since Monday have more than doubled over the usual rate, Police Chief Kirk Giles said. HPD said there have been 162 weather-related accidents this week and more than 20 that involved injuries.

“We really need people to stay at home,” Giles said. “Don’t get out unless it is absolutely necessary and understand the roads are treacherous and they will continue to be treacherous after the weather tonight.”

A winter weather advisory is in effect for the City beginning at noon Thursday and continuing through 6 a.m. Friday.

Follow Huntsville Police on Facebook for the latest information on road closures. Residents are also urged to sign up for City Alerts to receive text notifications about road closures.