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Live Fire Training

October 4, 2018 Click to view Live Fire Training

Huntsville Fire & Rescue Training Division will conduct a live fire training exercise on October 5th, 2018, at 2303 Annandale Rd. SE. This event was rescheduled from September 27th, 2018. In preparation for the exercise, the structure has been prepared and inspected. All measures have been taken to protect the surrounding properties. Signs will be posted indicating the training area and any changes to the normal traffic flow that may [more]

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The Mastering of a Music City – Oct. 3 Open Forum

October 1, 2018 Click to view The Mastering of a Music City – Oct. 3 Open Forum

The City of Huntsville is making progress in its nine-month Music Audit. The goal is to develop a blueprint for the community to design a music-rich ecosystem that will support songwriters and performers, venues and listeners. “Great music doesn’t just happen,” said Mayor Tommy Battle. “It takes hard work by a lot of people to support the talent and create the environment where music performers and businesses can thrive. That’s what [more]

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