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District 3 Fiber Installation Update

Published on August 28, 2017

Fiber Installation

District 3 includes most (if not all) of what Huntsville Utilities calls the ‘Farley Fiber Hut District.’

It is the most dense of the six hut districts in terms of addresses.

The utility company says the “make ready” work for fiber installation is well under way and roughly 90 percent complete. “Make ready” is just what it sounds like it is: getting the infrastructure ready to handle the additional equipment.

Huntsville Utilities anticipates the “make ready” work to be complete by the end of October, then crews will begin building the Farley network.

Early estimates have this piece of the network complete by summer 2018.  Once finished, broadband providers have the option to lease excess fiber and provide service to residents. Google is the first provider to contract with Huntsville Utilities, however, it is too soon to tell when Google will begin offering services in South Huntsville.