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Find your BOO: ‘Spooktacular’ adoption campaign seeks forever homes for shelter dogs

Published on October 15, 2021

October is Huntsville History Month, and Huntsville Animal Services (HAS) is partnering with the City’s Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission (HHPC) on the third annual “Find your BOO” campaign to help four shelter dogs find forever homes.

This week, adoptable dogs Paco, Reno, Isabel and Casey got to spend a sunny afternoon outside the shelter for a Halloween-themed photo shoot in Huntsville’s Twickenham, Old Town and Five Points historic districts.

“Our historic districts are full of character, and they are even more charming when decorated for holidays like Halloween,” said Huntsville Preservation Planner Katie Stamps. “We always have a great time partnering with Huntsville Animal Services to help find loving homes for local shelter dogs while celebrating Huntsville History Month.”

The four dogs featured in the photo shoot need extra help finding homes. Karen Buchan, animal care supervisor at HAS, said these dogs are classified as “hard cases,” meaning they are older, have been abused or been at the shelter too long.

“We want to encourage people to consider animal adoption, fostering and volunteering to make a difference in the lives of these dogs,” Buchan said. “The dogs are so happy to be outside of the shelter for a little while, they don’t even mind wearing the costumes.”

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A photo of a dog in a pirate costume with pumpkins in the back.
Paco the Pirate is a playful 50-pound neutered male.

Paco the Pirate is a playful 50-pound neutered male bully-type breed that would love to be your heated blanket as the weather cools. He’ll happily watch TV with you all day if he has a bone or ball to chew on, especially if you’ll play tug or fetch with him.

He does best in a home without a four-legged sibling. He’s very smart and learns quickly once you know how to communicate with him (food, food and more food). He’s house- and crate-trained. His foster volunteer has been teaching him new people and things aren’t scary. He’ll do best in a calm environment while his socialization continues to improve, so a quiet household without kids would be ideal.

Paco is pictured in front of the c. 1955 Citrano House in Five Points. Decorated with colorful pumpkins and creeping spiders, this witchy bungalow was perfectly spooktacular!

Is Paco your BOO? Adopt him by visiting 4950 Triana Blvd. or call 256-883-3781 for more information. Animal ID# A525815.


A dog and a woman are seen on the front porch of a historic home. There are pumpkins around.
Reno, dressed as a jack-o-lantern, poses with HAS Program Coordinator Stacey Nunnally.

Reno and HAS Program Coordinator Stacey Nunnally felt right at home on the shady porch of the c. 1889 Pleasants House, a Second Empire-style dwelling located in Old Town. Our adorable pumpkin Reno and his jack-o-lantern friends are ready for Halloween night!

Reno is a medium-sized, 1 ½-year-old male shepherd-hound mix. When he first came to the shelter, he had missing fur and sores over his entire body. After treatment, his coat is coming back nicely. He is a happy, friendly and loving dog with a fantastic personality. Reno loves to play with other dogs and is great with everyone, adults and children included.

Is Reno your BOO? Adopt him by visiting 4950 Triana Blvd. or call 256-883-3781 for more information. Animal ID# A530046.


A woman in a hat holds a dog in a hat. There are ghost cut-outs in the foreground and a house and flowers to the rear.
Sweet Cat in the Hat Isabel stands with Huntsville Preservation Planner Katie Stamps.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Sweet Cat in the Hat Isabel stands out in front of the c. 1931 Lowe House in Twickenham. Isabel and Preservation Planner Katie Stamps agreed this Tudor Revival-style dwelling reminds them of an enchanted cottage, and they enjoyed spending time with the ghosts within.

Seven-year-old Isabel, a 60-pound spayed female, is a bully-type breed that just wants to sit and relax with you. She also has a playful side and loves playing fetch. She likes other canines and has great manners when greeting other dogs on-leash. Isabel is looking for a home where she can be everybody’s lap dog and can receive some TLC to look her best.

Is Isabel your BOO? Adopt her by visiting 4950 Triana Boulevard or call 256-883-3781 for more information. Animal ID# A463405.


A dog in a bumblebee costume is seen with a woman in a witch hat in front of a house. there are Halloween decorations around them.
Bumblebee Casey poses for a photo with HAS volunteer Kelly.

When our buzzy bumblebee Casey has a visitor, her eyes light up and her tail wags. She’s a spayed female that is patient, gentle and has a very laidback demeanor. She loves affection and will lean into you if you stop petting on her. You can tell Casey will want to be a couch and bed companion! Being 7 or 8 years old, her puppy energy is behind her and she walks well on a leash. As Casey gains a little more weight and finds a stable home, she will grow into a beautiful canine.

HAS volunteer Kelly and Casey are in front of the c. 1899 Gilbert-Cooney-Vandiver House in Twickenham. This Folk Victorian-style dwelling was hosting a skeleton dog show in the front yard! Casey was sure not to steal any bones while practicing her tricks and getting treats.

Is Casey your BOO? Adopt her by visiting 4950 Triana Blvd. or call 256-883-3781 for more information. Animal ID# A529844.