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Hays Nature Preserve Summer Play Days

Published on August 2, 2015

Operation Green Team Presents Play Days at Hays

Terrame Natural Playground at Hays Nature Preserve

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-11am & 12:30-2pm

Saturdays 10-11am & 1-2pm

Sessions are FREE and promise to be fun and educational as children, with an adult, explore and learn about the great outdoors.

July Schedule

Thursday July 2: Investigating Insects (K -6th): Insects are fascinating six-legged creatures that have an important role in nature. Walking along the trails in the Preserve’s bottomlands, we will see how many we can find. Parents and students should bring a clear, plastic container with a lid with holes punched in it – no glass please.

Saturday July 4: No scheduled activity.

Tuesday July 7 & Saturday July 11: Red Clay Day at Hays… Let’s Get Dirty (3rd -6th): We will learn, play and make observations of red clay using our senses and some science tools like magnifying glasses and some tweezers. This could get a bit dirty under the nails, so Operation Green Team will provide gloves. T

Thursday July 9: Outdoor Games (K -6th): Some days are best spent playing games made for the outdoors. Let’s relax and have a morning outside! Challenge hand-eye coordination playing games of corn hole. Of course there will be bubbles! We may experiment making bubbles using different ingredients to change the results.

Tuesday, July 14: Fishing Fun (K -6th): Bring your rod and reel, or use one of our cane poles. Let’s have some fun catching and releasing fish in Bar Lake. We’ll furnish the worms, and even bait the hook (if you want us to).

Thursday July 16 & Saturday July 18: Leaves, Sticks, Footprints Impressions in Clay (K -6th): Just what the title sounds like. We will distribute clay to everyone and do impressions throughout the Preserve. Some might decide to take home the impression of plants, pine cones, animal prints (from our footprint trail). These will make great keepsakes, when they dry out at home.

Tuesday July 21 & Saturday July 25: Wetlands Plants: Dissecting Cattails (K -6th): This cattail investigation uses the entire plant of the cattail, which is one of the most common plants in marshes and ditches. Learn the characteristics of the wetland plant- and how wetland plants were used by Native Americans. An exploratory hike collecting more plants to dissect will provide more investigative material.

Thursday July 23: Wheel Fun (K -6th): We’ll get off the beaten path onto the paved trail to see what we find in the portion of the Preserve across the bridge. There is much to see, so wheels will get us there faster. Bring your bike, tricycles, scooters, or a willing adult to pull you in your wagon. Bring your camera, binoculars, and of course your required helmet!

Tuesday July 28: It’s Not ALL About Those Bees (K-6 th): Learn how you can easily be part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge to establish one million more pollinator gardens across the nation. We’ll introduce some lesser known pollinators as well as learn about bees and butterflies. You’ll take home a starter garden to register if you wish. Oh… limber up your legs…there’ll be a pollen dance!

Thursday July 30: Birds of Prey (K-6th): Get close to a bald eagle, falcon, owls and more birds during another engaging and super exciting time with the Coosa River Science Center. Learn how our actions affect, for the better or worse, wildlife around us. Myths and truths about these amazing animals will be covered. This Play Day session will be from 9- 11 a.m. only.

Space is limited. Reservations required. Call 256-532-5326 to reserve your spot and to get more information.

NOTE: For all these events, children should wear old comfortable shoes and play clothes that can get a bit dirty. Don’t forget a bottle of water. Your preferred insect repellant, especially on the lower legs, will help fend off unwanted insect bites. Children must be accompanied by an adult during the sessions.

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