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Holiday Christmas Tree and Trash Disposal

Published on December 28, 2018

Photo of Christmas Tree

New Year’s Day falls on a Tuesday, and that means the City’s trash pick up schedule will shift one day from Jan 1-4.  If you typically have a Tuesday pickup, it will be Wednesday, and so on.

Christmas Trees

The City’s sanitation crews will haul away Christmas trees and other holiday plants as part of its yard waste pickup program. Place your tree and plants curbside and sanitation crews will haul it away.

Overflow Forgiveness

For the week after Christmas and that week only, the City will have “overflow forgiveness” and waive its size restrictions (10 cubic yards) of debris. Holiday wrappings and other such material should be bagged, as typical household waste.

Chris McNeese, director of the Department of Public Works, said his department will also pick up large boxes, such as those including TVs, as part of the yard waste program. The City requests the boxes are broken down; there’s a two-fold reason for that, McNeese said. One, it compacts better for the sanitation trucks and secondly, it avoids a prominent signal to would-be thieves who could learn what big “toys” you got for Christmas.


Green Team reminds residents that boxes can be recycled and will be removed during the regular recycling pickups if they are broken down to a manageable size.

Happy Holidays from the City of Huntsville!