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Huntsville Extends Face Cover Requirements in City Buildings

Published on April 8, 2021

A graphic with an image of a face covering and the words Face Covering Required to Enter

The City of Huntsville will require employees and the public to wear face coverings in all City buildings, Mayor Tommy Battle announced Thursday during a news conference at City Hall.

Though Alabama’s Safer at Home Order expires Friday, April 9, the City decided to continue its face covering protocols until further notice.

There are several exceptions, however, for essential job functions, such as eating or drinking, working outdoors or to enhance communication.

“We ask that you wear a mask if you interact with people at City Hall,” Mayor Battle said, adding the City would continue to monitor new cases over the next 30 to 45 days. “Hang in there a couple more weeks with us, and we think we’ll be looking back at this whole pandemic in the near future.”

The State’s Safer at Home Order is being replaced by a Safer Apart Order, which urges Alabamians to continue fighting COVID-19 through social distancing, masking and frequent sanitizing. It does not issue mandates, but instead urges personal responsibility.

The Mayor asked citizens to continue practicing safety protocols until the pandemic subsides. He said the recent Easter holiday and spring break could determine how long those protocols stay in place.

“Let’s not spike the ball on the 5-yard line and not get over the goal line,” he said.

Battle also asked citizens to be respectful of businesses that continue to enforce face-covering protocols and vice versa.

If a patron refuses to abide by public health protocols required by a private business, the business can ask the customer to leave or call the Huntsville Police Department. Businesses that continue to require face covers are urged to keep extra masks on hand for patrons.

“You have a right to have an individual choice, but that business has the same right to have that same individual choice also,” the Mayor said. “If they feel that it’s in the best interest of their customers and their clients, then they have every right to require masking or not require masking.”

Visit the City’s COVID-19 web page for the latest information.